Unilateral Concessions to an Uncompromising Enemy.


Road blocks and barriers removed, army caged, check points eliminated, non-resident Police registration abandoned, restriction of movement revoked, free flow of goods allowed. These are some of the measures taken by the new UNP government to appease the terrorists while paying scant attention but propaganda ruse to other issues. Dr.Jayalath Jayawardene, who was listed as an LTTE-spy by the Global Spy Magazine, and who purportedly got appointed as Minister of Rehabilitation on the direction of the LTTE, is working overtime to improve infrastructure in the so-called "un-cleared" areas to facilitate allegedly the flow of goods to these areas. When in opposition he was considered as the shadow Minister of Health and not a person to deal with rehabilitation. Another person in the gigantic 53 member Ministers group who is inordinately enthusiastic to help these so-called destitute claiming to have suffered despite the fact that essential food items were continuously sent to these areas on humanitarian and compassionate reasons, is the political greenhorn the Economic Reforms Minister Mr. Milinda Moragoda, who absurdly equated Sri Lanka and India to Hong Kong and China. These pseudo-altruists are totally ignorant and oblivious to the untold sufferings of the real destitute consisting of several thousands innocent Sinhalese and Muslim population forcibly expelled from the North by the terrorists and languishing in makeshift camps as refugees in their own land.

Since the time of the infamous "Parippu Invasion" successive UNP governments have competed with each other in offering concessions to the terrorists as goodwill gestures. No country in the world has continued to feed its own enemy and ceaselessly offered concessions to its enemy as in Sri Lanka. Prior to the last elections, the UNP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the terrorist proxy Tamil National Alliance on 21st June, 2001at the Parliamentary Complex. Some of the issues agreed under this MOU were lifting of the economic embargo to Wanni, cessation of hostilities, de-proscription of the LTTE, and resumption of Peace Talks. Many UNP politicos denied its existence due to sheer ignorance as it was a secret agenda between the top UNP hierarchy and terrorist proxy TNA, and ordinary UNP members including the candidates were not informed of the contents of the MOU.

The UNP government is fulfilling its agreements under the MOU and offering everything to the terrorists one after the other, as it was done by J.R. Jayawardene in the Dixit ruled era and in the one man show period of Premadasa regime. In bilateral relations or in any other form of relations Sri Lanka become unique in offering all concessions to its enemy although the enemy forces are weak and the international environment is totally disadvantageous to the enemy. In return what all these UNP governments, be it Dixit ruled era of JR's government, or one man show of Premadasa regime, or the present government got from the terrorists? They have neither changed nor diluted any of their fundamental demands. Their concept of Tamil home-land consisting of North and East where Tamils should administer their own affairs without any interference by "others" remains unchanged. The Sri Lankan army is yet an "occupation army" for them. While government is offering Christmas hampers and Thaipongal gifts in the form of ceasefires and lorry loads of goods the terrorists stockpile their armoury and strengthen their forces through open recruitment and training. If the terrorists are really interested in peace, as being stupidly boasted by government leaders, terrorist-proxy Ministers, Tamil National Alliance and the foreign funded alien vassal NGO pundits, let them publicly relinquish their homeland claim, accept Sri Lankan sovereignty over all parts of Sri Lanka, and announce a programme to handover or destroy their weapons stockpile.


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