Dear Sir

Burnning questions

Some questions bothering the peace loving, law abiding, and honest and impartial citizens of Sri Lanka.

1) The new Govt., is all out to solve the so called, "ethnic problem" in Sri Lanka, at any cost and that too is as per the wishes of a vicious terrorist group LTTE and its ally a foreign country, namely Norway. If the govt. agrees to their requests and hand over part of the country to LTTE, what happens to us the Sinhala Buddhists, (who has no say in this regard)? The Tamils can have their own identity when they establish any organization or society and is so for the Muslims too in our country. But unfortunately we are refugees in our own motherland; it is taboo to use the term "Sinhala Buddhist" openly. How shameful?

2) How can we stop the govt. doing this to us? The people have elected a govt. to look into the needs of the people and if it ignores this responsibility and give in to terrorists and their allies what the people have to do?

3) Why our most respected and reverend Buddhist priests silent about this matter of paramount importance? In the past they had been vociferous and of great assistance to rescue and save the country and nation, in it's down falls and total disasters. Why we don't get this immense assistance now?

4) Why we cannot win this war against the terrorists? Why all foreign countries NGO's, Peace organizations, human right lobbyists and the church are very much sympathetic towards the Tamil tigers and advise the govt to come to a political settlement and stop war outright? Why nobody advises that way when Sinhala Youths took to arms?

5) What happens when we bombard the North and East areas; we never hear of any death of a terrorist leader or destruction of an important or strategic outfit? We have been bombing for so many years under different govt's and different armed forces commanders. Why the end result is Zero except in one or two instances?

6) JVP was crushed by cornering them into jungles and mountains and setting fire into those areas, giving them the option of surrender or sacrifice to the bonfires. Why we cannot adopt the same strategy in the case of LTTE, terrorists?

7) Some rejoice the govt.'s removing of the road barriers in the city and lifting the embargo of many items to the un-cleared areas and allowing free movement of people in and out of tiger held areas, causing imminent danger to every citizen in the country. During these restrictions were in place too, the tiger suicide bombers were successful in their stunts and missions. The tigers in future not only would explode a few bombs at random, but also would construct "Bomb Factories" enough to engulf the entire city in flames. Why are our political, social and armed forces hierarchy wouldn't realize this factor? Is it necessary someone to titillate these elite leaders, so that they would arise from their treacherous slumber?

Best regards.
Yours truly,

Dharmasena Rajapakse.


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