India's Demands For Extraditing Prabhakaran Must Be Acceded To In Wisdom.

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The Sri Lankan Government should very sensibly accede to the Indian Government's Strongest Demand Yet to extradite LTTE Leader Prabhakaran with no compunctions although the dynamics of the process of extradition should be handled with a certain degree of caution yet with assertion and as a dedicated response to Sri Lanka's Powerful Neighbour with whom Sri Lanka is really in no position to trifle or argue with on a request which the Wickremasinghe Administration has known to have been forthcoming and one which should be responded to in dedication to all the assassinated leaders, dignitaries, soldiers and civilians who paid the ultimate price at the hands of the LTTE.

This could be a golden opportunity presented to the Ranil Wickremasinghe Government 'on a platter' to eliminate many problems synonymously despite the question of " What Modus Operandi" needs to be used to apprehend the LTTE Leadership which has to be dealt with in a realistic manner and conducted within the confines of a Classified Environment and as clandestinely as possible. Considering the presence of very perceptive decision makers within the Wickremasinghe Camp, with the exception of a few obvious dissenters this should be no mean task and an obligatory one to say the least!!.

Any apprehensions about confrontation with the general body of the LTTE who undoubtedly will stand in the way of such an operation have to be countered with Intelligence rather than risk confrontation and the loss of lives based on the theory that any Guerrilla Movement could be rendered ineffective and greatly incapacitated through the removal of its leadership which normally results in mass confusion within its rank and file if the move is silent, swift and effective and now that the ruthless terrorist turned peace loving civilian has come out into the open, a means has to be devised to isolate and apprehend him and subsequently hand him over to the Indian Authorities which probably could be effected with the help of Interpol who are rearing to go and ready with their dragnets.

The recent mood of the International Community of Sri Lankans in favour of this move and a greater percentage of India as indicated by the loud Media voices calling for the extradition of Prabhakaran has been clearly indicated and although it appears to be a compromising of integrity towards principles (untrue if the LTTE are considered a liability and a threat to the Nation which they in reality are!) on the part of the Sri Lankan Government, the favourable balance towards this integrity should be weighed in favour of the best interests of the Nation and the advise of many pundits in the form of Messers. Tyrone Fernando, Tilak Marapone, Rauf Hakeem, the 'foot in mouth' Prof. G.L Peiris, and the rest of the enclave of the unattainable utopia seekers within the UNF, which is more than likely to be one of contradiction and opposition towards India's request should be waived off in acceding to the Indian request. It may be an opportunity which many never re-surface and regrettable if missed.

That it is beginning to seem more unlikely that Prabhakaran (despite his latest Anton Balasingham backed rhetoric! intended purely for self preservation) will never give up his quest for secession nor agree to a de-commissioning of weapons, nor ease off recruitments of cadre and stockpiling of armaments and preparations for future offensives, should be the predominant motivations for the Administration to consider India's request albeit the now tranquil atmosphere of congeniality, harmony and to a degree the freedom of movement envisaged through a false sense of security as the risk of a resurgence of LTTE atrocities which realistically have never completely eradicated still looms large and a matter for great caution. Add to it their past track record of prevarication, back tracking and changing course constantly through contradictions related to their infamous strategy and we are still left with a huge gamble in consorting with LTTE towards any means other than their own objectives and our own destruction!

If there is any degree of vision towards solving the LTTE problem viably, the means for it now Imperative and seemingly available, the current demands of India have presented the catalyst towards it at a very appropriate time which could not be better towards executing a plan of action which just may produce a feasible end result and one which has to be deliberated in wisdom towards success and the biggest challenge the Administration has faced yet where Ranil Wickremasinghe's leadership could be elevated beyond unimaginable norms in attaining great heights as a National Hero and a status he has previously never experienced !

India has always proved to be an unconditionally benevolent ally towards the well being of Sri Lanka and has been greatly responsible towards containing LTTE operations both on Land and Sea boundaries between the two Nations and has made a reasonable request from the Sri Lankan Government which may also ensure greater stability in the entire Region of Asia and there should be no compunctions on the part of Sri Lanka to respond favourably through all the means available.


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