Reports Of An LTTE Plans To Resume Attrocities In The Event Of A UNF Defeat Highly Speculative.

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As Reported in the Island News LTTE cadres around the country are supposed to have received an urgent message last Sunday that they were to prepare for war immediately, as the United National Front government and President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga 'verbally clashed' in Colombo, according to sources in LTTE-controlled areas in the East, and although there is no confirmation of any tangible evidence to corroborate this, it does send out a chilling message to the Nation.

Whether it is propaganda generated by the UNF itself to instill fear into the PA and its Presidential allies it is hitherto unknown, as the source reporting the information is known to have pro UNF leanings and the significance of the caption' Defence Correspondent' leaves little to the imagination beyond it being an assumed one. However, the message, which is supposed to have been flashed in code over radio from the Wanni speculative to say the least, warned that no action was to be taken by individual units or area commanders even if the government resigned, unless a specific order was sent by the LTTE high command, sources said and implies once again the arrogance of the LTTE and its allies if true at a time when they should be concerned about the means to their own existence and the calm which has thus far prevailed. So does this mean that the 'Wanni High Command of Degeneracy' despite being outlawed and banned Internatiuonally intends to determine the future of the Sinhala Nation, a Democratic Sovereign Nation within the United Nations and Commonwealth of Nations ? Do they in any way call the shots in as far as the functioning of Sri Lanka is concerned or is this a report that either needs to be trashed or a resounding kick placed in the rear end of whoever was responsible for its origin!amounting to treason should the outcome of its intention be proved as an act of mischief.

There is a curious ring of coercive manipulation as a likely intent to the objectives of this news item taking into consideration all the alleged reports of the Tigers' intelligence wing regarding the preparedness levels relative to the state of defences of individual Army, Navy, Air force and Police units as they refer to highly classified information which by rights should furrow Defence Minister Marapone's eyebrows if true though especially so considering the awesome stockpile of weapons inventoried! thus far Marapone has been unflinching and nonchalant in any response that may have assuaged the anxieties relative to the credibilities of the story within the Nation.

However in the best interests of the Nation it is highly recommended that the powers that be, in a capacity to counter the implications of any threat to the Nation even at this late stage should be at a readiness to meet head on any ambitions of the LTTE regardless of who is in or out of Administrative Power as it applies collectively to the Sinhala Nation nonetheless and perhaps the long awaited opportunity to decisively wipe out the LTTE for good. Hopefully it may also coincide with the anticipated arrival in Sri Lanka of the infamous so called Dr.Anton Balasingham, LTTE brainchild and designative perpetrator of many attrocities including the Rajiv Gandhi assasination providing also a chance to apprehend him and hand him over to the Indian Authorities seeking his arrest and incarceration.

Marapone's nonchalance to all of this is reflected incredibly by the the Defence Ministry's non -response where it did not spur the Armed Forces or the Police, to a state of alert or take the initiative to place their forces on alert in the Northern and Eastern Provinces and Colombo. The elite commando units of rapid deployment which are held in reserve which logically contending need to be informed to be in readiness for any unexpected surge by the LTTE do not seem to have had any intimation of a requirement to jump to action! leaving the credibilities of this report very questionable.The Services did not even move to recall troops and officers who are currently on leave, or cancel the leave of those who are due to go on leave in the next few days the report further goes on to say.

All in all the ridiculous posturing between the UNF and the LTTE and now its standoff with the President has not brought on any green light towards a lasting peace and the Armed Forces appear to be depending on the credibility of the LTTE as not being confrontational in their own interests and something which would ursurp the Peace Process, the safety of the Norwegian Intermediaries and a disdainful reversal of roles with all the rhetoric which has been supportive of a lasting peace which in the event of a breakdown of communications is a grave concern for many. It could be interpreted as a a grievous error set in place by Governmental indifference in a deadly gamble which is fervently hoped turns out to be to the contrary in the best interests of the Nation rather than the opening of floodgates of renewed attrocities by the LTTE.

It has to be contended realistically that the LTTE are not as imposing as depicted by the 'defence correspondent ' of the Island Newspaper and all speculations that the LTTE 's response to Peace entails a Wickremasinghe Administration only, which also has the Blessings of the Bush Administration but a non response in the event that a PA Government takes over as a result of the UNF being defeated and all the firepower, guts and glory of the LTTE ( worthy now of a Sylvester Stallone spectacle) if they ever recur, depicted as being unleashed as a direct result of the outcome of the Presidential- Prime Ministerial Standoff, a load of speculative baloney as the President has her own plan of action reliable sources have learned , which would effectively deal with the LTTE possibly for good.






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