By L. Jayasooriya

The leader of the LTTE is supposed to have said at a press conference held on the 10th of April 2002 that he would seriously consider abandoning "Eelam" and opt for "Homeland" if recognition is given to Tamil rights and the Tamil nation.

Before we come to the main subject it is not clear what Tamil rights are because it is only the Singhalese who have no rights. They cannot settle down in any area controlled by the LTTE whereas any Tamil can settle down in any part of the country and set up a business that will be patronized by the Singhalese. Also the Singhalese are not given employment in estates controlled by Tamil unions whereas Tamil workers are given a free plot of land in those estates so that all those estates will eventually be owned by the Tamils. With regard to Tamil nation it is not clear what he means.

Eelam means partitioning the country the same way as Pakistan was carved out of India in 1947. There was mass migration and massacres and that hatred still prevails. Several wars have been fought and today each side is on a war footing. Pakistanis have no rights in India and Indians have no rights in Pakistan and there is no free movement of people between the two countries.

If there is going to be Eelam then all Tamils now living among the Singhalese will have to decide whether they remain as citizens of Singhalese Sri-Lanka or live as citizens of Tamil Eelam. That means there will have to be mass migration, which no Tamil will want to do because all their economic prosperity is with the Singhalese. So Eelam in practical terms is a big problem for all Tamils. That is how the concept of Homeland came in.

Homeland is Eelam plus full rights in Singhalese Sri-Lanka for the Tamils but with no rights for Singhalese in Tamil Eelam. That is the reality of Homeland. This translates into Pakistanis having full sovereign rights in India but with Indians having no rights in Pakistan. That was beautifully put by the leader of the LTTE for the stupid Singhalese to swallow.

The stupidity of the Singhalese does not end there. There are many who say that this war has gone on for nearly 20 years and that there has to be an end and hence a settlement without understanding what a settlement means. Settlements take place only between two mighty giants like the USA and the former Soviet Union because of the knowledge that both will be annihilated and there will be no winners. That kind of settlement does not take place between any two other countries. There will be one winner and he takes it all. The stupidity of the Singhalese goes still further. They do not have the capacity to understand that no party wanted to end the "war" because of the fear that the other party would rule the country with Tamil support. Added to that there has been widespread corruption made possible in the procurement of arms as has been repeatedly stated in the press over many years. It takes special tools to examine the brains of these stupid Singhalese but such tools are not available on this planet.

The UNP got a massive mandate because they said that a "solution" that satisfies everybody will be found and that the country will not be divided which means that there will be no federal states because to have them the country will first have to be cut up and then joined which will enable them to separate with a unilateral declaration of independence. The late Mr. Gamini Jayasuriya tried to promote the idea of a Donohmore type of Constitution where every ethnic group felt that they formed a part of the government. It is because of that possibility that was in the air that the UNP got such a massive mandate.

The government also stated that the question of de-proscription will be considered in the light of progress made towards peace. We have already seen the idea of separate states being applied to the A9 road even before anything is started. Now the LTTE says that they will not go to Thailand unless the proscription is lifted.

If the UNP is prepared to ignore the massive violations of the MOU and proceed then there will be no possibility of getting the two thirds majority to prevent CBK from dissolving parliament in a few months time. If that were to happen the Singhalese who have been made so insecure by both the major parties may throw in their full weight behind the JVP.


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