The Dragnet Surely Must Close In On LTTE As Prabhakaran's Nemesis Approaches And Ranil Ponders On Options.

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Consider it opportune that the requests by India for LTTE leader Prabhakaran's indictment and extradition for his criminal activities, in particular for his role in the conspiracy and eventual assassination of the Late Hon.Rajiv Gandhi are increasing in intensity and that this is an opportunity the Sri Lankan Administration cannot afford to miss. The Prime Minister being the opportunist that he is should put into perspective his opportunistic skills and execute what may be the singlemost vital decision in his entire career which would benefit his Motherland immensely in collaborating with India in ridding the vermin Prabhakaran once and for all from the face of Sri Lanka bearing in mind that the Peace Process is headed nowhere, a matter which is fast becoming more and more obvious by the day.

Professor Hudson Maclean that great perceptive icon of wisdom in one of his submissions to LankaWeb recently emphasized that "It is an accepted principle, since time was invented that, once a criminal is convicted, by a group of well respected democratically elected governments after serious deliberation, until or, if and when an appeal is heard, the conviction stays. No criminal justice system in the world will accept a demand with threats from a convicted criminal that, prior to any further discussions of an appeal, the sentence be revoked. And is the mighty RanilW running behind a convicted criminal group, trying to rewrite universally accepted legalities? First the SLG went begging asking every concievable State to de-proscribe the LTTE. And now after the Tiger was given an anesthetic prior to castration, RanilW would like to stop the surgery. Whatever Dr Anton Balasingham and "General" Prabhakaran might demand, Ranil W must have the backbone to stand erect and say, "Only after successful negotiations!" Otherwise the LTTE Terrorists will present the next string of demands. This will surmount to a never ending string with other strings attached. Like chasing the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." Words of Wisdom indeed! which coincide with the imperative importance of swiftly executing what amounts to the ultimate solution towards liberating Sri Lanka from the throes of the spawn of the devil as the foremost responsibility of the Prime Minister who virtually holds the reins of justice in his hands of which the Justice demanded by India is an inevitable part of.

The Sri Lankan Government's agreement to talk with an internationally declared cell of terrorists by itself has been opportune and perhaps even unexpected for the LTTE as it is a contradiction of the consortium and consensus against Global Terrorism after the September 11th attacks in the USA where the President of Sri Lanka stood alone in her defiant stand opposing the Government's Peace Initiative on the grounds that it was flawed and unacceptable to the Sinhala Nation and quite rightly so, considering the direction in which it has veered today. As the Professor aptly puts it " 'HE' in her stubbornness, stood her ground firm (subtle interpretation necessary) and CBK deserves credit on her firm line, on principles". There seems to be a striking similarity between the wisdom of Sri Lanka's President and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu the Hon. Jayalalitha whose visions blend in unison as far as the importance of rejecting the Peace Process and apprehending Prabhakaran respectively are portrayed as matters of great importance which may play a pivotal role in the ultimate redemption of Sri Lanka and India in the long run, from oppression by terrorists

Through their continued actions with rank disregard to principles or ethics which govern Democracy the LTTE have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they never had any intentions to work towards a peaceful solution as all their demands thus far have pointed towards none other than a veiled continuation of their march towards eelam and asserting the foundations established to keep their business practises lucrative and continuous.Their forcible conscriptions, their attempts to carve inroads into restricted territory continue and their arms buildups have proportionately multiplied on modest estimation and once again quoting the Hon. Professor Maclean "This is no ethnic conflict. The LTTE are simply trying to use an excuse, a series of incidents which occurred some twenty years ago to arrive at a selfish commercial solution purely for the personal financial gains of a few at the top of the LTTE ladder. " Add to that "Their Ultimate Goal For Secession!! which they envision as their ticket to popularity within their community which in fact is a fallacy, considering the current surge towards desertion and an urgent cry for redemption from the LTTE coming from within their rank and file ."

While Prabhakaran's Nemesis surely but slowly approaches, the PrimeMinister in pondering his options must logically conclude that the opportunity has indeed been presented towards a realistic and applicable solution towards restoring the unitary State of The Sinhala Nation by way of India's demands for justice and although he treads a thin line in having commited to the LTTE the forces of destiny must surely be behind him to guide him in the right direction.


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