President is duty bound to uphold the territorial integrity.


The UNP which allegedly bought over a number of shady and corrupt PA parliamentarians and a minority political group, and unconstitutionally forced the dissolution of parliament and pushed the country for an unwanted election last year, showered many promises to mislead the people.

These promises among many other things included payment of a monthly allowance of Rs. 2000/= to each unemployed youth, create jobs for youth, introduction of a "Giant Economic Project", family development plan for poor families, and provision of computer and English knowledge for unemployed youth.

At the same time it entered into a secret agreement with the terrorist tigers to hand them over the Northern and Eastern provinces in the form of an interim administration. With immense funds made available for electioneering by the terrorist agents and other nefarious business elements and with endorsement by minority communities misguided by selfish political pirates the UNP and its cronies managed to grab a slender majority of seats although a bulk of the majority community rejected them.

From the day one of the formation of the government, Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and his pro-terrorist ministerial colleagues diverted all their attention to appease the terrorists, and justify their irrational demands. Ministers competed with each other to serve the terrorists while the people in the south were subjected to innumerable hardships.

Thousands of lorry loads of various goods were sent to the terrorists starving the people of the south. Strengthened by the MOU forced on the government by the Norwegians the terrorists gradually and consistently strengthened their military might with several ship loads of modern weaponry.

At the same time through its propaganda machinery including NGO bootlickers they continuously pressed the government to dilute the powers of the President, as she only can put a stop to the treacherous betrayal being unfolded.

They have now jubilantly claimed that they achieved all they wanted through the MOU and the next step in the process is government's handing over of the interim administration, as agreed prior to the election, which is nothing other than the illusive Eelam they were fighting for.

The President's timely message that she will not hesitate for a moment to exercise the executive powers vested in her to prevent the dismemberment of the country and to avert any serious dangers that the country may be called upon to face should be warmly appreciated by all patriotic individuals.

It is a great solace not only to the people of the South but also to the people of the North and East who are gravely suffering under the peace farce due to the horrendous tax, extortion, and conscription directives of the terrorists.

Devoid of political or other partisanship it is the duty and responsibility of each and every citizen to resolutely support the President's bold and gallant endeavour to uphold the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of this nation.



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