University Ragging Has Caused Murder And Must be Outlawed.

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Correction to article under heading "University Ragging Has Caused Murder And Must be Outlawed"
It was mistakenly reported in the above article that the victim in the University Campus Murder was Mr. Deshantha Ajantha Kumara due to a mixup of the information received and is in fact reported to be the alleged suspect.The Deceased victim is said to be Mr. Owitigala Vithane Samantha.The error is regretted.
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University Ragging Has Caused Murder And Must be Outlawed.

The brutal murder of 3rd year undergraduate Mr. Owitigalage Vithana Samantha at the Sri Jayawardenapura University Campus leaves behind the shocking relaization that institutionalized ragging of freshmen students, that most sickening of traditions (whose notoriety and origins surely come from the British) still lingers on despite the compassionate Buddhist nature of the country which once drove the British away traditions and all!
To compound the monstrosity of the murder there are reports that political differences may have fomented the fires of hatred towards the victim who belonged to a rival political faction to that of the alleged ringleader in the crime a Mr.Deshantha Ajantha Kumara leader of a JVP faction within the University which is being currently reviewed in Parliament as to its verifiability.

Ragging since the inception of the University Education System in Sri Lanka seems to have prevailed unfortunately despite much opposition to it by many, synonymous with the unfortunate student who has fallen to its wretched effects and goes back to a time when the Island was known as Ceylon.Needless to say ragging was rampant during the British era throughout the Island as much as it is in Britain today and no attempt to stamp it out ever succeeded due to some moronic concept by some of the more asinine Peers of the Education System that it was good for character building of freshmen which would strengthen their personal mettle etc. and best endured without protestation.Perhaps a standard good enough for the Brits. but not for Sri Lanka where little is often left to moderation especially on University Campuses supercharged with political tensions!

Paradoxically rather than character building which it is mistakenly reputed for, in many instances it has all but destroyed self confidences and the moral needed to continue a course of studies which at the best of times times is tremendously arduous and requires great concentration.
There was a time when new students were seen crawling along sewage systems, being forced into mortuaries to retrieve cadavers, female students exposed to mild sexual abuse 'Considered harmless'by their perpetrators and many other forms of heinous attrocities commited in the name of Ragging but never has there been brutality of such a disgusting and sickening nature enough to take the life of an innocent yet dedicated student who belonged to a small band of compassionate activators of righteousness who opposed the deplorable cause of ragging.
Its about time the authorities of the Education System as well as Law Enforcement Agencies initiated legislation and necessary action to outlaw the wretched practise and impose severe punishments for those who persisit in continuing it ere further loss of lives and limbs are incurred.

Unfortunately there is also the infiltration of political idealogies and dogmas into the University environment almost as a rule where political factions soon form themselves into rival cells and the seeds of political rivalry and hatred begin to propagate in an environment where it should be outlawed and banned for the sake of posterity at least as there have been reports related to the incident which resulted in the death of Mr.Samantha of political rivalry and mob violence which catapulted itself into the brutal killing where computer monitors sticks and stones were used against the victim to beat him to death by rival political opponents to settle their scores.
At the pinnacle of education in a tolerant society there still seems to exist the blood lust and a desire to kill in a manner both shameful and despicable and has to be viewed very seriously as a threat to Sri Lankan soceity for generations to come which goes far beyond the norms of decency and cannot be dispelled as an off shoot of mere freshmen ragging.And before it is further ingrained into the Sri Lankan Educational Institution it has to be eradicated.

Ragging nevertheless as a tradition in any form is grisly and inhumane and must be completely banned and outlawed in order to maintain a respectful and dignified environment of sanity conducive to the pursuit of higher academics within all Universities and anywhere else it has been practised and those who initiate it and continue to do so severely punished and incapacitated and their rationale towards ragging completely destroyed to the point where it will never surface!

Global Sinhala Village Village extends heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr.Owitigalage Vithana Samantha indeed a Prince and a legend in his own time who stood up bravely to oppose what his convictions led him to beleive and paid the ultimate price for it. He will never be forgotten and may his fight continue It is hoped that his murderers including the alleged suspect will be brought to justice swiftly.

May His Soul Attain Eternal Peace and Nibbana.





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