Sri Lanka Needs Outspokenness Of This Nature

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A murderous terrorist, a rag-tag hooligan parallels himself with the President of Sri Lanka.

I feel our country has come to a frightening situation more than ever before. The power crazy Ranil Wickramasinghe and his Party should take the total blame for dragging the Nation to this level.

The threat to our Nation from this LTTE terrorist gang was aggravated all these years and came to this level because many of our Leaders treated the issues confronting the Nation within their Political Party Framework with many diverse attitudes, and not as a issue of National Unity......... - Full Story-

Neel Nawa, USA

Written with Nationalistic Pride Mr Neel Nawa emphasizes a point with alarming perception to which the Nation as a whole should pay attention. A Nation whose Administration is caught in a blind fervour of granting concessions to a murderous and ruthless band of Terrorists who amazinglly are succeeding in 'pulling the wool over the Wickremasinhe Administration even to the extent of convincing it to grant possible concessions in withdrawing Military Postings in Vitally Strategic Locations, the free movement to suit their modus oprandi in coastal waters and the infiltration into Sinhala populated Areas with much more to follow before this ridiclous scenario is over as it is becoming rather pellucid that the LTTE are inching their war towards their original goals while deluding the Government into believing that they have come clean.

Clear warnings have been issued nevertheless from neighbouring India and many perceptive observersauthorities who express concerns about the credibilities of the LTTE in their present crusade for peace and should not go unheeded as it could easily pose problems for the entire Region of South Asia in the event of an escalation of LTTE offensives should they gain that all important foothold they are visibly trying to do.

It has to be screamed out loud from the hill tops that Sri Lanka could once more be headed towards a collision course with disaster if the priorities mentioned in Mr. Nawa's article together with the foremost considerations given towards fortifying the Nation's Defences in a greater perspective rather than undoing them in blind faith.

"We are a Simple Nation, Of Great Designation, We Don't Look For Trouble! Just Ask Around! But When Foreign Faces, From Unknown Places ,Talk About Taking Over, We Don't Stand Around! We Will Climb Any Mountain, We Will Move Much Debris! We Will Fight Any Vermin, That Destoys Our Peace"


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