A response to “Mr. Concerned Expatriate”



“Mr. Concerned Expatriate,” one thing that is clear from your dangerously ignorant, myopic, goofy, write-up is that you are nothing but an individual devoid of any feelings for the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka. All patriotic Sri Lankan’s must rejoice that you decided to become an “expatriate citizen.” Sri Lanka is a nation with 2500 years of history and despite repeated attempts to destroy her sovereignty, she survived due to heroic deeds of true Sri Lankan sons and daughters. Obviously, you are not that in category as on the contrary, it is your type that she had to constantly guard against to remain sovereign! Your type is the type, irrespective of which Sri Lankan community you oozed out of, that never had a sense of culture, tradition, heritage, honour, and a sense of belonging. You are the type who will gladly, and summarily, sacrifice your sister’s virginity just so you can have a drink with your bully neighbour who has just violated your mother! However, to your credit sir, I must say that you are not totally devoid of any feelings. You have certainly expressed your unquestioning, servile allegiance to the present government. Yes sir, you are nothing but a common lackey for the present UNF government headed by Ranil Wickremasinghe - the man who deceived the masses to get elected at any cost. You are in your dream world – overseas – and you obviously do not care an iota about the UNITARY STATE of Sri Lanka (there is a formal title for such persons and the title entails grave consequences) nor do you give a rat’s derriere about the dread that the poor peace loving Tamils, Sinhalas, and the Muslims of the NE of Sri Lanka are today facing with the prospect of imminent handover of eelam on a platter to the murderous LTTE.

Despite the type that you are, let me try to enlighten you.

I implore with you, please get this into your obstinate and obtuse brain:

The LTTE have not rescinded their claim for the separate, sovereign state to be carved out of Sri Lanka. They have said clearly that their eelam is NOT NEGOTIABLE. Nor have they agreed to stop their terrorist campaign (they call it “military campaign”) if they do not get it. Even despite the so called MOU the LTTE murder-maestro had with Ranil, the prize fool Sri Lanka has ever had, the LTTE today carry out assassinations, kidnapping, extortions, etc. against the citizenry of the NE region. Even the civilians in the so called “cleared areas” – the areas that were earlier under unquestionable government writ – are not safe today. Where is this “peace and tranquility” that you credit with Ranil? Of course, it is calm in Colombo (before the storm that is) as the LTTE have not set off explosives since the MOU. However, this is not due to the MOU, but September 1lth, which changed the landscape for terrorism. They had no choice but to cease and desist from “major” terrorist actions that would attract unfavourable attention to them. However, this is not the same in the NE of the country where the less affluent live. On the contrary, there, the LTTE have a hay day! The elected government of today - the government that has the moral obligation to protect all citizens against harm – is totally impotent in its writ there. When one reads the accounts of recent attacks against the Muslims of the NE, this is amply evident. The SL forces just stood by when the LTTE mobs slaughtered the Muslims and burnt their property! – all because Ranil is afraid to jeopardize this “peace” with the LTTE! As the saying goes colloquially, this is a BLOODY SHAME! It is evident to all rational people (to which category you “Mr. Concerned Expatriate” do not belong) that the LTTE have totally dismissed the MOU and have gone ahead with arrangements as if they have a sovereign separate state today - even inclusive of the areas that were formally under the Sri Lanka government’s authority. Through their “political offices” they exercise a police force (in essence assassins), a kangaroo court system (for meting out summary incarcerations and executions to discourage dissent) and a “tax” collecting system (i.e. extortion and ransom through kidnappings)

You talk of “trust.” Also you speak of “compromise.”

Let’s take trust. Where is the trust? Since the MOU, the LTTE have gone ahead vigorously to haul in a huge quantity of weapons – all indicators point to high-tech weaponry - into their enclaves (I cannot use the word “smuggled” as these shipments were openly carried out while the SL Navy looked on impotently due Ranil’s instruction to “not endanger the peace process”). These shipments, by all logical accounts, are for their next terror unleash. They have continued to put their fundraising (often through extortion) also into high gear (based on intelligence reports, both internal and external) and have gone ahead with a sustained program of kidnappings (mainly children) to bolster their depleted ranks (depleted due to the murder-maestro’s suicidally foolish attempt to capture Jaffna. Here, thousands of young kids from the “baby brigade” perished – actually disintegrated into tiny pieces of flesh and bone - due to the MBRL (Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher) fire from the SL Army). So, typical of your hero-worshipping of the evil and the adversary, you say that the rest of us could learn from the LTTE on how to run an apparatus! You are not only morbid, but pathetic! Please keep your bankrupt soul off the rest of us dignified Sri Lankans.

Now let’s take the “compromise” factor. Since Ranil carried out his pre-election promise to the LTTE (a stealthy promise which he cleverly hid from the electorate), all the compromises have been emanating from his end. Each time the LTTE upped the ante, Ranil and his cronies have gone along like a puppy dog without a whimper! Initially, the talks were to commence “unconditionally.” This is how the LTTE and their traditional supporters, the Norwegians, approached each of the two governing parties over the past years. However, each time the governing authority agreed, the Norwegians brought in a new demand from the LTTE. This is exactly why the process failed on numerous occasions in the past.

Today, as per the latest concession from Ranil, of course at the encouragement of the Norwegians, the LTTE are freely running their sea-tiger gun boats in the NE sea coast. The SL Nay is often “advised” to keep off this area as the sea-tigers are “practising live fire” exercises! So there you have it! Trust and Compromise! Although I am the first to agree that the former PA regime mismanaged the war effort (and also the economy) through corruption, nepotism, lack of resolute, etc., I must give credit to Chandrika for not agreeing to these progressively unfair demands from the LTTE who initially come with a request for “unconditional” talks. She may have had faults, but one should always commend her for not agreeing to any actions designed to dismember the country.

Therefore, “Mr. Concerned Expatriate,” as you see, your Trust and Compromise factors do not look good today. Your hero-worshipping of Ranil, without paying heed to these facts, is keeping in with your character. Understand that Ranil has not done anything special. Any of the country’s past leaders who was willing to give into the LTTE’s separate state claim could have ended this war long ago! This is elementary - not thermo-nuclear science! However, I see this rationale is a challenge for you.

While we are on the topic of the war, let’s refresh our memory briefly on some of the past bungles. The UNP regime had its opportunity to solve this war from 1977 to 1994 – that is, it had 17 “short” years (almost the entire duration of the war) to bring about a solution. It is undeniable that the UNP regime made a dog’s breakfast out of this war. The “writing was on the wall” for Sri Lanka when this regime, commencing around 1985, let the LTTE run an independent administration in Jaffna and the better part of the Northern sector – for nearly 10 years, until it was liberated by the SL forces under the 1994 elected PA regime. This total abdication of governance responsibility by the UNP regime (while they were lining their pockets through rampant corruption – admittedly no different to that of other times) enabled the LTTE to become militarily strong. Not only did they have a steady pool of youth/children to recruit from, they were also permitted to run a parallel administration for “tax” collection. This build up came to light in a shockwave when the LTTE used the SAM missiles in 1995/1996 to bring down SL Air Force planes! Therefore, one must not forget that it were the governments of the UNP from 1997 to 1994 - of which your hero Ranil was always very much an integral part of – that escalated the war to what it became. Therefore, typical of the myopic thinking and the mistakes being made by the UNP crooked clan of today, then too, they made the same mistakes with sheer ignorant bliss!

Please understand that none of us is against the peace process. We all want to see an end to this war that has caused horrific misery, in human and economic terms, in Sri Lanka. This is exactly why we want to see a permanent solution – a solution that does not entail the dismemberment of the country. The current process is about dismemberment. This process will give authority to a murderous band of terrorists to be ready for a ten-fold increased brutal campaign of terror in the future, to maintain their ill-gotten (illegitimate) separate state from crooked Ranil and his henchmen. The future government and the poor Sri Lankan soldier of that day will pay a heavy price for today’s mistakes. This is our fear – a fear that you obviously do not care about.

Long Live Sri Lanka free of your type!



Have We All Become Such Barbarians That We Are Totally Disregarding Basic Human Decency And Compassion In Our Quest To Fight Terrorism?
By A Concerned Expatriate
(LankaWeb - 14/09/02)





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