Professor Peiris' Dilemma About Seating the President In Parliament.

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It is an apathetic shame that educated individuals such as Prof. G.L.Peiris despite their levels of education continue their petty dialogue and covert attempts towards undermining and humiliating the President and should there be an impeachment process initiated against such individuals who continue to drag down the President which is in all probabilities provided for in the Constitution relative to treason, in case the Hon. individual was unaware of? a quetion being asked by many analyst about the parabolic nature of various individuals intent on dragging down the President which they have absolutely no right to do, despite the significance of Vivre Le Democracie!!.

Basking in the sunshine of 'luck by chance' through the UNP Elelction Success, Prof. Peiris continues his merry way unconcerned that the Nation is watching his antics which more often than not, provide a platform of entertainment in the manner of a circus clown rather than one becoming of his status as a cabinet minister which requires much more decorum, but then it probably boils down to the simple reality that he together with a few others of his ilk are mere turncoats and deserters now trying to assert their transparent authority with no qualms about how they accomplish it.

In an unprecedented display of naivette and the lack of respect for protocol required by a person of his status, probably in a attempt to gain cheap publicity, he now proclaims the absence of a seat to accommodate the President in Parliament and harrangues over the possibilities and probabilities of whether or not and if so, where the President would sit as though this would debar the President from entering Parliament. Is it possible that he is reading off an archaic copy of the Constitution, archaic individual that he is, seemingly beset with senility to add to his woes!? that he does not recognize the priorities involved in accommodating the President who in case he's forgotten is still the Chief Executive Officer Of The Nation while he himself is a rather off the cuff cabinet minister, a legend in his own mind with a 'Bull In A China Shop' mentality, to say the least when evaluating his attitude towards the President whom he seems to hold in contempt through all his meanderings.

If the present 'Box Plan' of the Parliament needs to be re- designed, the accommodations having been re shuffled with the constant change in the number of Cabinet Members and other formats each time the Government changes hands which normally is part and parcel of the Parliamentary Process and the seating of the President which definitely takes pride of place over that of the dimunitive Peiris needs to be asserted and established, then it is the ruling party's responsibility to make it a priority and not let the issue get discorded through the petty bickerings of individuals who at every turn seek to throw brickbats at the Presidency in derision and at a shamelessly personal level.

If there is a need to set up a council to decide where the President should sit during Parliamentary Sessions, when previously the issue was beyond doubt and currently created through the rather vindictive whim of an individual who does not seem to see beyond his Bi-Focals then it is upto those responsible to do so but if this individual is suggesting that categorically there is ' No Room In The Inn ' so to speak, for the President then he should vacate his own out of gentlemanly courtesy (if he has any ) and present it to her which is more important to the well being of the Nation as the tides of change currently sweeping the Nation could very well encompass him and question his integrity towards the authority and designation of the President.Incidentally he should be pre-empted from any council set up to decide the issue at hand as it would otherwise be a conflict of interests!

Prof. Peiris continues to attract attention to himself in a very ordinarily cheap, unbecoming manner despite his yearning to be recognized as an individual with decorum, as the clouds continue to gather against his rationale on many issues together with some of his contemporaries.

Then there is that uncanny analogy which can be drawn between Prof. Peiris' mentality and the story of The Donkey And His Master where the old donkey often got in the way of his master's progress as he( the donkey) indicated constantly that the master should pull the cart while he (the donkey) steered it. Seating priorities too are alleged to have been part of the story!!

Come Now Mr. Peiris, and are you by any chance an Old Thomian too! and if so where is that Blue Black and Blue decorum( relative to Blue Gold and Blue in case you are a Royalist) instlled ino you by the precepts of their Founding Fathers in the manner which you choose to disrespect the President Of The Nation ?



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