Prof. Hudson McLean

Is RanilW actually a puppet dancing to the TTT tune or is he an entertainer, a clever juggler and a circus artiste?

No country in the world would tolerate an illegal terrorist organisation which has over a twenty year period, had massacred innocent men, women and children, to behave in an autocratic manner, the authoritarian independence, which RanilW has granted to Tamil Tiger Terrorists TTT.

Let me challenge any reader of Lanka Web to name one single Sovereign State, where a democratically elected government has demonstrated silly subservience to a murderous brigade of internationally renown criminals.

The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) led by RanilW has granted independence to TTT to behave as if they own the entire Island. The TTT is allowed to operate parallel Banking, Judiciary, Law Enforcement and in default their own State. RanilW is behaving more like a Puppet of LTTE/TTT, led on a string by Dr. Anton Balasingham and Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Allowing the TTT/LTTE planes to enter and depart Sri Lankan territory as they please, is a gross violation of Sri Lankan territorial integrity, permitted by the Government of Sri Lanka, now a party to allow such blatant violations.

The Defence Forces MUST rise to the occasion and deploy a Coup d’ Etat against such a weak regime as the current Government of Sri Lanka, for the sake of the security of the Island and also that of the Defence Forces.

Permitting naval exercises by TTT/LTTE and ordering the Defence Forces of Sri Lanka to move aside, is a gross humiliation to the very same people who have sacrificed their lives, and those of their families in the defence of the country.

The armed forces must now act. Act with determination, to place under arrest, every single politician of all colours and parties, and to investigate the motives behind the “Sell Out of Sri Lanka to The Devil”.

Like my old uncle used to say, “There are three sides to every coin. Yours, Mine and the Truth”. Similarly, RanilW, if he has a fraction of the intellect his father Esmond had, Ranil might have two other sides. The “Heads” say that RanilW is bending over backwards to accommodate the TTT demands and to demonstrate to the world at large, how the “Wild Tiger” is misbehaving by taking undue advantage.

The “Tails” say that, keeping the international community led by USA, India, Pakistan at odds with TTT/LTTE by their maintenance of the Proscription and requesting them to remain with their engines running and to deploy a massive mopping up of Wanniya, WHEN the TTT/LTTE starts their offensive.

The “Truth” or the Third Side, we have to wait a bit longer.

As a leading question, “Is the main purpose of RanilW’s visit to USA, hard on the heels of peace talks in Bangkok, to rally up the 7th Fleet into Trincomalee Harbour, just in case, or simply to have an American T-Bone steak and a jug of Budweiser?”

It is very likely that, RanilW who is now on his way to meet with the American authorities, to discuss alternative strategic military options to “Tame the Tiger”, in any case. It is a known fact that, India has a “stand-by” team of commandos awaiting the order to nip into Wanniya and bundle the Thambi into a dark jail in New Delhi.

Thambi must realise that, India can NEVER and will NEVER pardon the murderer of Rajiv Gandhi. It is political suicide for any leading politician or a political party even to dream of that eventuality. And, the main question is, “Why should India ever consider granting a pardon to Velupillai Prabhakaran?”

And India has not been that gullible as the GOSL to the manifestations of the Chief Negotiating Thug and his equally evil wife Adele, to allow them transit passage in Tamil Nadu between Bangkok and London. This is a wily clever trick planned by Doctor Death to force India to grant TTT/LTTE instant recognition and legitimacy by default.

If India allowed the recognition of LTTE/TTT and granted them instant respect, within weeks, Tamil Nadu will start their cycle of demanding absolute Sovereignty, with known LTTE style violence. And India will end up in a blood bath. Before India even contemplates any form of association with an illegal and illegitimate terrorist organisation, India must bring in the perpetrators of the murder of their beloved Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi to face Indian justice.

On the first anniversary of the September 11th murder of over 3000 innocent lives, President George W. Bush stated categorically that, USA, with or without UN participation, will seek and destroy, any individual or an organisation or a country which may harbour, support or deploy “Weapons of Mass Murder”.

Since the terrorists were financed and directed by Al Qaeda and the entire acts were led by Suicide terrorists, it is logical to consider that, a “Suicide Bomber” falls directly into the category of a “Weapons of Mass Murder”.

TTT harbours the worlds largest suicide brigade. And furthermore, the majority of the financial supporters of TTT are located in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, EU to name but a few regions. Therefore it is logical to conclude that all those Tamil expatriates should be investigated and appropriate legal justice be applied on those who supply the lifeline to blood bath.

According to a reliable forecaster of Tamil thinking, in her considered opinion, Velupillai Prabhakaran has no plans now or in the future, to play any significant public role in TTT/LTTE political theatre. First, as the whole world witnessed in April, the Thambi, as he is known, is better off in a Laurel & Hardy comedy, with Anton playing the role of Laurel. Second, the Terrorist-in.Chief is worried sick and terrified of one of his own suicide bombers might explode in front of him.

Therefore, the major international role will be awarded to Dr. Anton Balasingham who has to carry his First Aid pack with Insulin, Kidney Dialysis and probably a Norwegian quack on his side.

The public face in Sri Lanka is pencilled in for the genial looking murderer Thamilselvam, who is now being groomed for higher leadership within TTT/LTTE. It is very likely, RanilW might receive the honour of a photo opportunity with Thamilselvam as the pre cursor to the long awaited supreme award of a pilgrimage to the jungles of Wanniya to have a Dosai lunch with the King Tiger himself.

Perhaps RanilW is awaiting that invitation to demonstrate his skill as a Tiger Tamer or just nod his head like a Puppet, giving his famous land mark gesture of looking at the stars with a silly grin adorning his face.





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