Nation under Subjugation


On my return from Saudi Arabia after performing Haj Pilgrimage, I was amazed and depressed to find the extent to which the modern Don Juan Dharmapala (Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe) and his gang of traitors have conceded the sovereignty of Sri Lanka to appease and kneel down before the murderer Prabhakaran. He has completely ignored the will of the majority community and national minded patriots. The treacherous document shamelessly signed by Don Ranil is indeed a Memorandum of Usurpation (MOU) for murderer Prabhakaran and a document of blatant and shameful betrayal as far as national minded patriotic Sri Lankans are concerned.

Repeating the great betrayal done by his paternal ancestor Don Adrian in capturing and handing over the last Kandyan King to the British Imperialists the contemporary Don Ranil (probably called by Tiger Terrorists as "Namadaal" - Ape Miniha in Sinhala) had virtually invalidated the ban on the LTTE, negated the great sacrifices made by thousands of our valiant soldiers, and officially recognised the elusive Ealam.

It is hilarious to find this gang of traitors, who even disgracefully defend the terrorists against U.S.allegations, talking about upholding the unitary status of the country whereas even the President of the country, or anyone in the armed forces, or even the members of the treacherous gang, let alone the ordinary people are not permitted to set their foot in the soil of Mullativu and Kilinochchi districts. The shameful sell out accord has given the terrorists legal status for the terroritory controlled by them and complete, indisputable, and uncontestable right over Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi districts. They have all their main bases including the main Sea-tiger base in these two districts and no one has the power or right to monitor or question the activities that are taking place in these two districts. On the contrary, the terrorists have complete freedom to espionage on, influence, or even direct activities outside North and East even in Colombo or in the deep south Districts such as Hambantota and Matara.

The terrorists have also been given the freedom of movement in the sea routes and already it is reported that they have unloaded four shipments of arms in the Mullaitivu District. Sri Lankan Navy and Air Force have been restricted from preventing any smuggling operations even if they detect boats in such act. This dispels the blind expectations of "peace advocates" and some others who short-sightedly believe of possible lasting peace by the betrayal done by the Don Ranil gang. There is no necessity for stockpiling of arms if the terrorists are genuinely interested in peace and not in snatching a piece of this glorious nation. In addition to stockpiling arms the agreement has given them the freedom to conscription of cadres, even school children and collection of taxes, extortion and demand ransom. These activities are now being extensively carried out in the North and East.

In his recent infamous interview the Foreign Minister Mr. Tyronne Fernando aptly disclosed that Norway has very good relations with the terrorists. This Foreign bigot has been empowered to be the arbitrator to demarcate territory and have the final say on any dispute. It is nothing other than the famous Sinhala saying of " seeking divination from the mother of the thief" (Horaage ammagen pena ahanawa). While the terrorists are active in strengthening their forces under the cover of ceasefire, the NGO hirelings are advocating autonomy for the North and East, and the shameless media vassals suppressing terrorist atrocities and hyperbolizing peace prospects with undue and exaggerated lopsided coverage, the Don Ranil gang has not made any contingency plan to face the impending thrust. It is very depressing to see a nation being offered in a platter to its very enemy by its ruler himself.


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