By Prof: Hudson McLean

Ranil W. - Please note the statement by LTTE, in their website, for all to see-;

"She* does not know that that the writ of the Sri Lankan government does not run in areas controlled by the LTTE. Whether she likes it or not there exists a de facto government in the Northeast whose President and Prime Minister is Rt.Honourable Velupillai Prabhakaran," the website reiterated

Question: Is this a Fact admitted as legally acceptable by the Nordic Monitors, UN, India, USA, UK, etc or LTTE (DreamWorks**) Fiction accepted by Ranil W and his government?

*We hope that "she", is referred to, is the better half of VP.
(**With apologies to SKG)

Sri Lankan government should demand an immediate clarification from the Nordic Monitors on this statement.

Already the Monitors have confirmed that the LTTE shuttle bus service is a violation on the MoU.

Head of State? A Government in Exile? If that is the case, then "I proclaim myself as The King of China!"

The world has shrunk to only a few minutes by any guided missile, since September 11th, as the Al Queda was informed, recently.

In this day and age, any Head of State, legal or imaginary, who has perpetrated Crimes Against Humanity or WANTED by the Interpol, might not have the time to change from his pyjamas into a more sartorially elegant attire, prior to be bundled into a dirty military four wheeler as ex-President Slobo Milosovic found out.

No so long ago, Kurt Waldheim, an ex Secretary General of UN, who became the President of Austrian Republic was declared a persona-non-grata by the USA. He got off lightly. But things are different today.

Ranil W. and his Interior Minister should wave off all the red tape, bureaucracy, and allow the Indian commandos to enter Wanni through any door, just as Minister John Ameratunge let Dr. Anton Balasingham enter by a sea plane, through a side door, into a pond off Killinochchi.

India is bound to take such statements of self proclamation from a group of terrorists seriously, in order to prevent the snowball roll right into the Indian sub continent.

If Sri Lankan government allowed such a demand to take effect, the entire South East Asia will splinter into a thousand East Timors, in a short bloody spell. With three nuclear powers, India, China, Pakistan in potential turmoil, the Middle East might look like a Boy Scouts day out.

With the current political under currents between the Numero Uno and the two nuclear powers India / Pakistan, USA will definitely request India to move in on the LTTE, should there be any sparks, to safeguard the Indian and regional interests.

Ranil W. should not consider the potential Indian involvement as a problem, but an opportunity to demonstrate to the world at large, the quality of leadership and decision making by a decent future President.

The general consensus of opinion is that the government of Sri Lanka has taken adequate steps to create a generous factor of goodwill to commence negotiations. The LTTE stated at the beginning that they intend to enter into negotiations without any demands on the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. But the Tigers, as usual, have already started to negate on their promises. This was expected by all those who have known the mentality of the LTTE Tigers.

In a way it is a positive sign that the Monitors are led by Nordic observers, three of whom are EU members and one non-EU but a NATO member. They have an obligation to their Unions and Organisations.

Certainly one should doubt very much, that any of the four observers would try to be less than forthcoming, honest and straight forward. If the LTTE tries any of their less than decent tricks, one would imagine that Norway would be under tremendous pressure from the other three to straighten matters up.

The Scandinavians will not sacrifice their solid reputation for a bunch of proscribed terrorists.

This is one other reason why Ranil W. should buckle up and ready to roll, rough, and if necessary, very tough.

Otherwise, China will have one more additional problem on top of Taiwan, with one Chinese foodie, a great noodle lover, claiming the ancient Kingdom of China!


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