Homeland is much better than Eelam

By Douglas Wickremaratne

The leader of the LTTE is supposed to have said at a press conference held on the 10th of April 2002 that he wouldseriously consider abandoning Eelam and opting for ã Homelandä if recognition is given to Tamil rights and the Tamil nation. Before we come to the main subject it is not clear what Tamil rights are because it is only the Singhalese who have no rights.

They cannot settle down in any area controlled by the LTTE whereas any Tamil can settle down in any part of the country and set up a business that will be patronized by the Singhalese. Also the Singhalese are not given employment in estates controlled by Tamil unions whereas Tamil workers are given a free plot of land in those estates so that all those estates will eventually be owned by the Tamils.

In the absence of a precise meaningful definition, Tamil rights could very well be the right to occupy the whole country and subjugate the Singhalese. In the light of what has been happening that could very well be the case. There is no way whatsoever that the LTTE can occupy the whole country and subjugate the Singhalese unless the two Singhalese parties jointly offer the LTTE the facilities to do so .

What are the facilities that the two Singhala parties should jointly give the LTTE for them to subjugate the Singhalese? There is only one facility that the LTTE needs and that is a designated area with boundaries for self-administration inside which no Singhalese will be permitted but the Tamils will have freedom of movement throughout the country. The LTTE may permit a limited presence of government troops that can be annihilated at any instant. To say that the given area is internal or external or whatever phrase that is used is an outright insult to the intelligence of the Singhalese people.

That will be the final end of the 2,500 year old Singhala nation because the LTTE could then mobilize the entire Tamil youth or even supplement from overseas to accomplish their aims. They will not need even half a million men to subjugate the Singhalese. The upcountry Tamils are already harassing the Singhalese and neither of the two Singhala parties has cared. Events have proved that they will never care.

Those are the realities and any attempt to downplay these realities will be considered an insult to the Singhalese.A joint attempt by the two Singhala parties to end the Singhalese nation and permit the subjugation of the Singhalese was tried two years ago but was withdrawn for reasons known to themselves and those among the Singhalese who know. The same thing may now being attempted again but through the route of interim councils where no Singhalese will have rights in those areas. This innocuous method will be used to get the central government to develop these areas and after that the LTTE would go its own way as a de-facto independent state prior to annexing the whole country.

If the government were to accept a demarcation line along the A9 by any direct or indirect method, the concept of demarcation lines would have been established as a precondition even before the so called talks begin. Having accepted the concept of a Tamil area, exclusively for the Tamils, the words internal or external or whatever phrase that will be used will become insulting words and the Singhalese government in power will be obliged to remove the troops within the area designated as Tamil, thus initiating the doom of the Singhala nation.

Let us now come to the question of a Tamil nation, the second of two conditions imposed by the LTTE on a sovereign government. Tamil nation as far as any Singhalese can understand is Eelam. Eelam means partitioning the country the same way as Pakistan was carved out of India in 1947. There was mass migration of human beings from one country to the other and widespread massacres took place out of ethnic hatred as a result of the partitioning and that hatred still prevails. Several wars have been fought and today each side is on a war footing. Pakistanis have no rights in India and Indians have no rights in Pakistan and there is no free movement of people between the two countries but we will not be able to have at least that right. If there is going to be Eelam then all Tamils now living among the Singhalese will have to decide whether they remain as citizens of Singhalese Sri-Lanka or live as citizens of Tamil Eelam. That means there will have to be mass migration, which no Tamil will want to do because all their economic prosperity is with the Singhalese. So Eelam in practical terms is a big problem for all Tamils. That is how the concept of Homeland came in. Homeland is Eelam plus full rights in Singhalese Sri-Lanka for the Tamils but with no rights for Singhalese in Tamil Eelam. That is the reality of Homeland, a parasitic relationship of a type that never existed on this earth ever since man evolved on this planet, but this is what the Singhalese politicians are prepared to give for their personal well being. What they are trying to give is like giving Pakistanis full sovereign rights in India and prevent the Indians having any rights in Pakistan.

That was beautifully put by the leader of the LTTE for the stupid Singhalese to swallow when he said that he will opt for Homeland. When Homeland becomes a reality those Singhalese responsible will settle down in the West and live happily ever after. The next and final step in the LTTE agenda would be to destabilize Tamil Nadu. Once Tamil Nadu goes the others will fragment themselves. There will then be many diners who will sit to feast on the carved up India with their napkins tied around their necks. The Singhalese nation had to be sacrificed to achieve that end.

There are many Singhalese who say that this war has gone on for nearly 20 years and that there has to be an end and hence there has to be a settlement without understanding what a settlement means. Settlements take place only between two mighty giants like the USA and the former Soviet Union because of the knowledge that both will be annihilated and there will be no winners. That kind of settlement does not take place between any two other countries.There will be one winner and he takes it all The stupidity of the Singhalese goes still further. They do not have the capacity to understand that no party wanted to end the war because of the fear that the other party would rule the country with Tamil support. Competent men like Janaka Perera and many others were not given the opportunity to terminate this so called war so that after establishing security throughout the country they could ask what this so called ethnic problem is, in front of the whole world. That is the way to establish peace and that can only be done after establishing permanent security and in front of the whole world. The UNP got a massive mandate because they said that a solution that satisfies everybody will be found and that the country will not be divided which means that there will be no federal states because to have them the country will first have to be cut up and then joined which will enable them to separate with a unilateral declaration of independence. The government also stated that the question of de-proscription will be considered in the light of progress made towards peace. We have already seen the idea of separate states being applied to the A9 road even before anything is started.

Now the LTTE says that they will not go to Thailand unless the proscription is lifted and it seems the government has agreed to lift it.So it seems that the UNP is prepared to ignore the massive violations of the MOU and proceed to give the LTTE the necessary foothold to take over the whole country and the PA has also agreed. Once this 2,500 year old proud nation with a history of a civilization unmatched anywhere in the world has been subjugated that will mark the end of the Singhalese as a nation. The entire country will be then administered in Tamil in Tamil Eelam. Those Singhalese responsible for this will then live in the West happily thereafter while the rest remain subjugated.


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