Non Tamil Scribe’s Frustration at it’s Heights due to UNP peace talks with Tamils

By D.Manoharan

Since independence Lankan Tamils had several highly educated leaders and politicians who represented the community democratically, made several attempts to resolve the major problems faced in terms of Economy, Education, Employment, Enforcement of Law etc by Tamils.
But all efforts made by the Tamil leaders who had no say in the Sinhala governments (UNP / SLFP) were non productive and the situation was getting bad to worse. Also the Sinhala politicians made every effort to suppress / deny the rights of Tamils to enhance their popularity within the Sinhala community and win parliament elections. It started with Father Bandaranayake’s Sinhala only concept then Mother Bandaranayake’s District Basis University entrance concept, thereafter Daughter Bandaranayake’s No Tamil problem / wipe out LTTE concept and finally the Son Bandaranayake’s Peace talks a drama by UNP / Norway concept. All in all this family in politics was a curse for all Lankans.

These concepts made the Tamils to agree with Pirabaharan who has the power to manage Tamil problems in Political and Military terms with Sinhala Goverments which no other Tamil leader had before, hope the people calling him a Terrorist will agree, understand the fact.

Also every Lankan should think twice who is calling whom terrorist ! 200 years jail sentence for less than 100 deaths due to central bank blast and for a person who was responsible for many 1000 thousands of Sinhalese deaths (Somawansa) was given a passport personally by the president in Europe to get him down to Sri Lanka to win the last elections. The Judge and Law should ensure to serve every citizen with the same spoon. In terms of Lankan law Tamils were always wrong and punished to the level best. This resulted the formation of Eelam Police and courts which is being witnessed / appreciated in Colombo news papers by the Sinhala community who are visiting northeast after MOU.

Pirabaharan conducted a war for the past twenty years, for a cause and put an end for the Tamil community getting reduced in numbers, destroyed economically and culturally in northeast by the Sinhala governments which had Glorified Sinhala Terrorists (GST) such as Lalith Athulatmudali, Ranjan wijeratna, Anurudda Ratwatte etc who were personally responsible for the deaths of several thousands of innocent Tamils and not the tigers. May be the Lankan Law was not aware of these crimes !

I still remember the death fear my family members had during my primary school days in Valigamam (next to Vadamarachi) due to Liberation Operation (Carpet bombing by Sea, Air and Land for several days) in Vadamarachi conducted by Athulatmudali under the guidance of JR.

Nobody was there to stop it or protect the innocent Tamils No India, No U.K, No Norway No U.S.A ! Because it was meant to finish the Tigers by the government of Sri Lnaka but the fact was not a single tiger was killed only the innocent Tamils and their millions of rupees worth assets were getting destroyed day by day and Valigamam was the next in line. But Pirabaharan stopped it in his own style! Yes liberation operation ensured the creation of the first suicide bomber Capt. Miller (Son of a well known Bank of Ceylon Manager). He blew off the major army camp at Nelliyadi (vadamarachi) which resulted in loss of several hundreds of armed forces and millions worth of military hardware. This was a major blow to Athulatmudali and his government those days, was the end of liberation operation! Other than the several major massacres of Tamils in the Northeast these GSTs conducted the 1983 attack on Tamils in which thousands of Tamils got killed and billions rupees worth Tamil assets were looted or burnt. The Sinhala thugs looted the movable assets (with due life time respect to the few Sinhala families who protected the Tamil lives risking their own lives) and the Muslim mudalalies went on shopping for Tamil immovable assets (properties) at Donkeys value!

This was the continuing story (Tit for Tat) till the recent MOU. So the great man who writes calling Pirabaharan The Tamil Protector TTT, should understand that GSTs were the cause for the reactive terror acts in North and South of Lanka by so called TTTs who has only child fighters (as per Colombo media) to attack successfully and manage the US / UK Trained battle hardened Lankan / Indian army brains. Hi scribes don’t hurt the brave men by always saying that they are fighting child fighters!

IPKF General Galikut has written in his book “India’s Vietnam” that it happened for the Indian army to amend it’s combat manuals after fighting with Pirabaharan / Tamils in Sri Lanka. A gentleman recently commented that America was successful in Afganistan within a short time! He should understand Afgans sent back the more efficient battle hardened Russhiens who will not think of Afganistan again. Americans made Afgans to fight Taliban and brought Taliban under control. Otherwise it would have been another Vietnam for America!

When the Tamils look back the past twenty years the amount of Tears and Blood shed cannot be quantified because there was no media to write about it, if written you are branded a terrorist and treated with PTA to show the hell on earth. For JVP and non Tamil scribes Pirabaharan who fought for Tamil rights / justice is a Terrorist but Rohana wijeweera / Somawansa who fought without a cause and responsible for several thousands deaths remains a veeraya!

Scribes continue to contribute with some thing that is acceptable to everybody especially to Tamils also! Otherwise the Tamils have to pray saying “God forgive these scribes who are writing without knowing what they are writing about Tamils and only calling Pirabaharan Thrasthawadaya”





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