Hello Tamils & Sinhalese around the world.

By a Srilankan Born Tamil.

While the peace talk is in progress, the negotiators and the Countries involved in the peace process must ensure, that the peace process is for a real peace for each and every Tamil in Srilanka. The peace process should not create a situation where the Tamils in Srilanka look for another Prabaharan, to fight for the human rights, freedom of speach, individual rights & to walk freely on the streets of North & East of Srilanka.

Therefore the real situation on the ground in the North & East of Srilanka must be taken into thought. The peace process should not create a situation where the have's & have not's be at their throats thinking that the guns will do anything for them.

My visit to Srilanka has made me to realise that the Tamils in Srilanka are in grave danger of fighting amongnst themselves even after the settlement comes into place. I am not blaming anyone for the above.

The sound of guns must end forever in Srilanka. I am a Srilankan born Tamil, I love my Tamils, that is why I am very keen to see, the Tamils in Srilanka live a peaceful life in the future without thinking of shooting & killing, & fearing of anyone.

I have a sincere request to the LTTE Leaders to appoint a Monitoring mission to monitor the LTTE members who are walking amongst Tamils in Srilanka & around the world, to avoid complaints of the Tamils & their dissatisfactions of the actions of the LTTE members, which is not good for our future.

It is very important that the peace process must give the Tamils permanent freedom as well as to be free without fearing for anyone, and to walk freely on this planet.


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