Prof. Hudson McLean

Now that the RanilW government has given LTTE/TTT the following rights-;


1: To set up their own LTTE/TTT administration in the NE
2: To set up a parallel (unlawful) legal system, with Kangaroo Courts justified by the RanilW and his clowns, but declared as "not legal" according to Desmond Fernando PC
3: Banks, Post Offices, Transportation etc - How about TTT Rupees?
4: Tax collection - (Highly Illegal)
5: Parallel Army, Navy and Air Force (Highly Illegal)
6: Voice of Tigers - The FM broadcasting unit which can get the message of LTTE/TTT right inside India.
7: Set up their own death squads throughout the Island. (Useful for a budding Presidential hopeful)

The main question is-;

Has RanilW given the LTTE/TTT the "Licence to Kill" over a dozen key political figures, both within the UNF who oppose RanilW policies of making himself as President-For-Life, and outside the governing UNF, particularly the top wags in PA, JVP, Tamil opposition?

The reason being, if and when, after RanilW is elected to the Office of President, by the Executive Powers vested in him, he dishes out the North East and part of the North Western Province to LTTE/TTT, that he will never face the electorate and win again. He knows that. Within a short space of time, President Ranil Wickramasinghe will do an Afro job, like Bokassa or Idi Amin or Mobutu and carve out the Southern left-overs of Sri Lanka for himself for life, as the King of Sinhala.

According to Jane's, the reputable rag of the Defence industry, as published in one of Uncle Mac's earlier scribbles, LTTE/TTT has procured a wide range of bells and whistles which can blow every single Buddhist Temple and Mosque in Sri Lanka in one fell swoop. And RanilW is fully aware of the magnitude as well as the consequences.

Furthermore, RanilW was fully informed of the container shipment which came via Norwegian Diplomatic immunity to avoid Customs inspection. Such things take at least a couple of months planning, purchasing, logistical activity and a few more weeks in high seas. This activity started in parallel with the first "Peace?" conference in Thailand.

The contents were purchased by LTTE/TTT operatives and only they (and possibly RanilW, Prof. G.L. Pieris and MilindaM?) know what went inside the metal container, (Chemical or Biological Weapons?) which was then consigned to the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo.

The news on the grapevine runs, that since an election or perhaps even a Referandum is imminent, there should be minor disturbances which will distract the general attention of the Ministry of Defence before the Tango begins.

The timing is that, if and when Uncle Sam pulls the trigger on Saddam Hussein, Velupillai Prabhakaran will give instructions to his commandos and the Black Tigers to detonate the Round One. He can now send signals nationwide and over to India too, using his own brand new FM station.

All winds are blowing in favour of a massive offensive by the LTTE/TTT. Uncle SAM is juggling with a half a dozen "hand grenades" such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, South Korea (US servicemen mowing down a couple of school kids) and plodding with over sized boots on a mine field. India and Pakistan playing their usual war games whilst at the same time facing their internal conflicts. And who the hell cares if Thambipillai and Jack the Ripper Wickramasinghe shares the Island of little or no consequence in the international power play!

Is RanilW tempting fate? He should be well aware of the fate of several past Prime Ministers who, according to some analysts, betrayed their respective countries, or stepped on sensitive principles, mainly selling their country and the national pride. For example-; JFK, Anwar Sadat, Yishtak Rabin, Premadasa, and a few more. And more will join this illustrious clan of dead leaders.

Wouldn't it be ironic that, if a dissident Tamil who felt strongly that, RanilW sold out and betrayed the Tamil rights and the freedom (let alone the Sinhala, who have no rights at all) to LTTE/TTT and decided to blast the PM RanilW along with the suicide bomber, for giving the LTTE/TTT the "Licence to Kill?"

History may, once again repeat itself!


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