By Prof. Hudson Mclean

Whatever said of Ranil Wickramasingha, Prime Minister, one must congratulate him for walking into Jaffna and raising the Flag of Sri Lanka, without any incident.

One has to look at this achievement in its proper context.

The raising of the Flag establishes the sovereignty of Sri Lanka in its entity. One Nation under the control of the central government in Colombo.

Right on the heals of this declaration, it was also significant that the United States gave a blunt warning to LTTE and its leader.

Once the Scandinavian observers establish their base near Vanni, the government plans to establish a security net in the North Eastern Province to safeguard the security of its Tamil citizens.

LTTE will have to accept the Sri Lankan Police force in their territory, under direction from the Central Command.

The LTTE has no significant military or police role in this game plan.

The LTTE is welcome to take an active part in politics throughout the Island. According to reliable sources, the Sinhala may even tolerate a Tamil President as the Head of State in Sri Lanka, just as the Americans are going to get the taste of a American Black riding in AirForce One.

That is democracy.

For the time being, the Sinhala government is fully aware of what the Tamil LTTE hardcore is upto. So do the EU, USA, India and the Norwegians.

According to an EU spokesman, Norway has expressed concern over the covert operations of the LTTE, since the Norwegians will get the blame if and when the Tamil LTTE makes a wrong move.

LTTE is fully aware of the repurcussions too. And the LTTE is aware that they are being closely monitored by the external forces. They are also aware of the fact that any silly or clever move will result in losing their ONLY friend Norway.

The best LTTE can do now is to behave and not to betray the trust they have with the Norwegians.

So far the Sinhala King has played his cards with a silk glove.

For the future, one would not be surprised if Prabhakaran quietly decides to slip into one of his freight vessels and sails West towards Bergen to be with his family. We will then Wish Him Good Luck! His several hundred million dollar fortune will take good care of him.

We salute the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka for his bloodless coup!


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