How long Sri Lanka will retain its Unitary Status?


The terrorist leader Prabhakaran in many of his annual addresses emphasised that the Sri Lankan forces in the North and East regions is an alien occupation force, Jaffna belongs to Tamils and it would certainly be liberated from the grips of the occupation forces. Even his over publicised press conference didn't give any new edict or even a hint that contradicted the above parameters. His rhetorician Balasingham explicitly and implicitly pronounced many times in many interviews that through peace or war they would empty the presence of occupation forces from the so-called Tamil Eelam. The sellout MOU drawn up by the terrorist darling neo-colonialist Norwegians and blindly signed by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe has helped the terrorists to ransom the government for their never-ending anti-national unilateral demands that lead to the establishment of their uncompromising goal of Tamil homeland.

Without firing a single bullet and without shedding a drop of blood they have reversed and nullified the decisive victory made by our valiant soldiers in December 1995 by chasing the terrorists out of Jaffna peninsula and bringing Jaffna under government control. Mr. Wickremasinghe who without standing with the nation and our gallant soldiers even predicted victory for the terrorists when they made a futile attempt to recapture Jaffna last May, has now treacherously subjected Jaffna to the rule of terrorists. Government has no control over what happens in this terrain and the edicts and the commands of terrorists rule supreme there. Even a shopkeeper in Jaffna is compelled to get authorisation from the terrorist gang on the items he has to sell in his shop or boutique.

In the whole North and East regions any activity against the terrorists or incompatible to their objectives is considered as a heinous crime. Tamil Eelam Police Stations are being opened all over North and East, under the control of their own Inspector General of Police Nadesan to handle all what they call the law enforcement activities. But in actual fact this is reported to be a fascist arm of the terrorists, similar to the dreaded 'Sawak' of Shah of Iran, responsible for eliminating all and any objection to the terrorist gang. They are also reported to have established their own Magistrate Courts with terrorist apologists sitting as Judges in these kangaroo courts and those convicted are subjected to heavy fines or hard labour in farms run by the terrorists.

The government departments are gradually being demoted to non-functional nominal entities while all activities and funds being channeled through and handled by the international terrorist outfits TEDOR (Tamil Eelam Development Organisation) and TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation). These two organisations have vibrant offices in many western countries and were responsible for propagating palpable misinformation depicting Sri Lanka as a racist nation and collecting huge funds through various overt and covert means to procure arms to sustain the terrorist aggression.

Abduction of children from families that fail to conform to the terrorist decree of providing one member from each family to their armed forces continues unabated and unchallenged. The pass-out parades of terrorist cadres, which was non-existent in the past are held openly to impress the people that the two regions are under their complete control although their exist Sri Lanka army camps (Sinhala army camps as what they call) in their midst. Extortions, and collection of taxes are systematically carried out to net a huge funding source to maintain their fascist rule.

Despite many rosy postures the so-called anti-national peace pundits and alien vassal NGO scribes attempt to present, the great sacrifices made by the valiant soldiers to protect and maintain the sovereignty and the unitary status of this nation has been made futile and this glorious nation's destiny is being eroded to become a "LANKAELLA" (piece of Lanka) due to the great betrayal being committed and willful abdication of responsibilities being made by the treacherous gang of traitors who rule this nation.


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