Prof. Hudson McLean

How can RanilW, as a democratically elected Prime Minister by a majority of the Sri Lankan electorate, heed to blackmail and play subservience to a bunch of foreign adventurers, who have been nominated as "front men" by an internationally recognised group of Terrorists, to "Clip The Wings" of a democratically elected Executive President?

Would the Prime Minister of England try to "Clip Wings of The Queen of England" for trying to protect Her subjects from the likes of Hitler or Milosovic?

The next thing will be that, Osama bin Laden, if he is still alive and kicking, and Al Qaeda, order RanilW to send in his minions to the caves of Afghanistan to discuss the separation of the Muslim Eelam from Tamil Eelam and Sinhala Eelam. Probably His Holiness the Pope might consider giving an audience to one of RanilW's boys (I believe RanilW has no girls in his Cabinet) to discuss how the Catholics may have an independent State from Chilaw to Moratuwa with Colombo as the capital.

Who runs Sri Lanka? The Norwegians? The LTTE Tamil Terrorists? Or the citizens of Sri Lanka?

Allow the LTTE Terrorists to enjoy free access throughout the Island, a free run of the coastal waters. Kick the Security Forces out of their strategic positions. Then starve them. Cancel their pensions. Stop paying the widows and orphans. Allow the LTTE cadres to loot the country, rape the Sinhala women and murder their children on their way out. And after that, how about giving them a free secure ride to Wanniya in an Air Force chopper?

What is the government led by RanilW upto? Is he on some kind of a daily shot of narcotics to keep himself high?

The comment, Addressing a press conference August 13, Anton Balasingham said, "We would like to negotiate with a government which is stable. The current conflict between the President and the Prime Minister is worrying." (By Walter Jayawardhana reporting from Los Angeles)

Let us analyse some of Balasingham's words. "Stable", means Controllable by LTTE. "Conflict between the President and the PM" - means exercising the Democratic right to Free Speech.

Under LTTE the NE will be "Stable" and there will be no "Conflict" between the poor sods and the Supreme Leader! Certainly, the involvement of Colonel Adele Balasingham (an Australian citizen sought by the Australian Police), Dr. Anton Balasingham (a naturalised Brit leading a murderous terrorist group), the Norwegians, the self appointed Peace seekers, who have been promoting and funding terrorism, is a damn sight more worrying to the national interests of the Republic of Sri Lanka and her neighbour India in particular and the international community in general.

Let us put the cart behind the horse. First, the proposed talks planned for September 12-17 will never see the light of the day. This is only a mask to hide the real face. The timing has a significant purposeful meaning. The LTTE will cancel the "Peace Talks", after the government of Sri Lanka has de-proscribed the Terrorist Group on or before September 2nd, on one or several pretexts.

The options are-; The threat of Indians abducting some of the known LTTE terrorists, or Anton Balasingham developing a sudden heart attack, SLG retaliating to a Sinhala-Sinhala disturbance and shooting a few Tamils by accident, Velupillai Prabhakaran suffering from Diarrhea as a result of Karikalan, Visu or Thurai slipping a bottle of Castor Oil into Prabhakaran's curry, and so on.

RanilW and his group of cousins in power will be made to look like a bunch of silly bastards, both at home and on the international scene.

Simultaneously, the LTTE planted terrorists in comfortable Sinhala community will rock the entire Island to make September 11th 2001 look like a Boy Scouts picnic. The timing of the "Peace Confab" for September 12th has a macabre connotation. An intent to a veiled threat. And, are the Norwegians behind this insinuation? With the entire NE fortified by the terrorist cadres, Colombo and the Hills will get the first hits.

Hopefully RanilW dressed up in his bullet proof gear has also got his fortified bunker at Temple Trees amply stocked with the goodies to keep him and his coterie of buddies satisfied for the following fortnight or so, until the dust settles. The bullet proof vest is of little help if the Temple and the Trees collapse on top of you, brought down by courtesy of a LTTE Sea Tiger missile.

At this point, the Sinhala patriots and the international community will hope that the Defence Forces of Sri Lanka, with the help of Pakistan Army, Air Force and the Israeli technicians supported by the American Fleet will move in with superior air cover, to apply the Afghan experience on Wanniya. There should be no turning back or buckling under international pressure. The Defence Forces should show the world that, any government which does not support those who lay their lives down to defend their country, has a price to pay. Sri Lanka can live with a General for a term or two.

The Islets of Maldives, we are made to understand, under the influence of the government of India, has rejected a springboard facility to the Norwegians sponsored LTTE sea plane flights. This is a very positive move. Since the government of Maldives feared that some of the LTTE cadres might get to like the place, and the PM felt it was in the interests of the people of Maldives to nip "the LTTE love affair with the Islets" in the bud.

Furthermore, Maldives have realised that the proposed talks are just a sham. A smoke screen. A delaying act. And Maldives do not want to be in the middle as a staging post for future LTTE airborne attacks or as a naval base for Sea Tigers gun boats. According to our sources of information, LTTE has long term ambitions on Maldives, if and when LTTE is driven out of Wanniya, as a Rest & Recuperation centre for the injured and retired LTTE Terrorists. With LTTE "know-how", finance and hardware, taking over Maldives will be only a minor adventure. Hence the recent discussions between India and Maldives on security.

Who knows, Karikalan, Visu or Thurai, may be appointed into bigger things as Regional Governors of Nepal, Tamil Nadu and Maldives. Kick them up, sideways and out of the picture, as Dr. Anton Balasingham might say. The bottom line of the Global Tamil Plan is to place Prabhakaran as the President of the Federation of Tamil Republics, with a safe haven Trincomalee as its Capital. This is to keep the Tiger leader at an arms length of potential assassination threats. And India, with hundreds of mini republics, will experience a continuous, never ending blood baths of ethnic, social and demographical conflicts, with a highly likehood of a nuclear explosion.

Perhaps RanilW might learn a thing or two from Maldives.

The recent incidents in Nepal sponsored by LTTE, presumably with the tacit approval of the Norwegians, are a decoy to distract the international community, in order to get India onto China's throat. Whilst this engagement will take some of the Indian heat off the back of LTTE Tigers, it will also give another opportunity to Norway to display their important peace keeping skills. It is devised to bring in the Norwegians into direct contact with the Indians and get the talks of separation of Tamil Nadu as an independent Sovereign State.

Incidentally, AnuraB should try to take care, especially if he is seriously considering placing himself in the front row as a contender for his sister's job. Highly overweight, possibly suffering from high blood pressure, Diabetes, Liver in shreds, Kidney ailments, Diverticulosis with a direct line for a Heart attack, he should go easy on his Smirnov vodka and lime. Now that he has exposed himself as an alcoholic, he has donated a couple of additional points "bucksheesh" in favour of RanilW.

By the way, the photo opportunity of "Happy Faces" published in Walter Jayawardane's above mentioned article, as a point of observation, is expressive. Milinda Moragoda ought to consult a decent tailor with an eye for colour coordination, as his "mix and match" of pink, blue, brown, grey, is an absolute disaster in colour pictures. The colour of his shoes and socks were not in the picture. Presumably they were, Black and White.

The photo says it all. It is more like a Blake Edwards / Peter Sellars "Pink Panther" situation comedy. This time the "Return of The Pink Tiger" is Directed by Erik Solheim, with Milinda Moragoda as Inspector Clouseau, Anton Balasingham as the Chief Villain, Adele as the woman who might poison Anton, with the cyanide capsule which decorates her neck, to get his loot, and the rest of the cast play their own "real life" roles as thieves and robbers. The series may run for another 20 or 30 years with follow up films, The Revenge of The Pink Tiger, The Grandson of The Pink Tiger.

The Secrets of The Pink Tiger at Temple Trees, The Sordid Affairs of The Pink Tiger, will be allowed only for Adult audiences, outside the Island of Sri Lanka due to censorship.



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