Prof. Hudson McLean

“He that sleeps feels not the toothache” -Cymbeline: William Shakespeare

Some do not care about the toothache until they can whistle whilst they brush their dentures. To them happiness is with their teeth (dentures by courtesy of the nearest Chinese dental technician) in a glass jar.

But what about the poor, who will be left without a single tooth, but with a mouth full of gum staring at the mirror, courtesy of RanilW and his LTTE/TTT oriented goons?

RanilW is driving his motorcade away from democracy. He has already shown that he will destroy even a foreign journalist who speaks out the truth. He has already stifled the Sri Lankan Press. RanilW has made a mockery out of Free Speech!

He is already bending downwards to pick up the coins thrown at him by Anton Balasingham and his killer brigade.

The LTTE/TTT have already given their approval to the Norwegians on ALL oil and fisheries concessions off the Sri Lanka coastal waters. I mean ALL. The concessions will reward the LTTE/TTT leaders and their families with millions of dollars of commissions per year, for generations to come.

Because RanilW will say YES to ANY LTTE/TTT demands! The question is, - Is he in it too?

Look at Prof. G. L Pieris. He shied away from several confrontations with the Sinhala patriots questions in Australia. These were certainly not terrorists. They simply wanted a dialogue. An answers to several of their legitimate concerns. Not that they were sending a few “suicide bombers” LTTE/TTT style. But the Great Brains had palpitations in his weak heart and stomach pains, purely due to bad nerves called the Guilt Pains. Specially after those tree planting and watering ceremonies in Thailand.

The will of half the population is not considered
N.NAWAGAMA, Toronto, Canada
(LankaWeb - 17/11/02)

The above article voices the opinion of over 90% of the Sri Lankan population. The UNP/UNF, SLFP/PA, LTTE/TTT leaders have all made a bundle of loot. Balasingham has his welfare of him and his family totally taken care of, like the families of late Gamini Dissanayake or late Ranasingha Premadasa or General Ratwatte. We have a list of hidden wealth and properties owned by some of those families, as long as your arm, including details of real estate in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Switzerland.

RanilW and Professor Pieris’ concern for Sri Lanka and her peoples is long way down on their list of priorities. Number One Priority is-; Numero Uno, that is, Himself.

Get the Power and Hang Onto It! Power means Wealth. And that is the vital keyword in politics.

The Sri Lankan leaders, with the exception of D.S. Senanayake, SWRD, the rest are plain and simple crooked politicians who want their string hoppers well dunked in the best honey and fried in cholesterol free oil.

RanilW and his government, very likely, will introduce a Singapore style “Democracy” into the divided Island. One is allowed to say whatever he/she pleases, as long as he/she says what RanilW/LTTE dictates.

The entire Peace Process led by RanilW is a sham. If RanilW wished the entire population to be represented, not just 40% of their electorate, then RanilW should have invited a delegation from all the representatives of the electorate, including non-LTTE Tamils and independent Muslims.

Now RanilW is granting equal status with a democratically elected, but proportionally represented government, to a group of non-elected, non-enfranchised, internationally renown Terrorists. The bottom line is, Power and Wealth.

The “Ball is in the President’s Court” now. A General Election based on a Referendum on the principles stated in one of Uncle Mac’s scribbles should be called immediately in the new 2003, towards end January. Wake Up the Sleeping Dogs. That will give adequate time for RanilW to dig his own grave.





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