Prof. Hudson McLean

An invitation to India, to commit suicide. Courtesy of RanilW. Delivered by Milinda Moragoda and Oslo's envoy to Colombo, Jon Westborg.

To legitimise the position of LTTE/TTT on the world stage by giving equal status to an illegal criminal organization, with USA, UK, Australia, Canada and the World Bank. This is after Velupillai Prabhakaran, the Supreme Leader of LTTE/TTT was pronounced guilty of terrorism and murder by a Sri Lankan Court which handed down a 200 year sentence of RI.

Right now RanilW and his Constitutional Minister Prof. G. L. Pieris are riding above the Law of Sri Lanka. Which also means, Killing is OK! Acceptable to the RanilW Government.

Is this philosophy acceptable to India, the largest single Democracy in the world?

Is it acceptable to the Indians to sit side-by-side with the murderer who blew up their beloved icon, their Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi, with a suicide bomber?

Has RanilW given any indication if and when he and his government will take any action to apprehend the Wanted Criminals to face justice?

When will RanilW and his government either send a team of paratroopers or allow the Indian army to enter Wanniya to arrest Velupillai Prabhakaran?

How can a democratically Sovereign State, such as Sri Lanka, reduce her status to a “lackey” of Norway and allow the Norwegian officials to do as they please, whilst the government throws out a British journalist, who was simply doing his job, on the instigation of a well known terrorist, Dr. Anton Balasingham,?

When the whole world is acting with all their resources to contain and to irradiate terrorism, why is the Sri Lankan government under RanilW is embracing the terrorists who have accepted their liabilities in killing the innocent Sinhala civilians?

First Dr. Anton Balasingham tried one of his cunning tricks to get Indian acceptance of the LTTE/TTT by default, by allowing him transit facilities in India, en route to Colombo. The Indian government acted correctly when they refused to allow the sick Doctor Death to enter Indian territory.

Now, with the tacit approval of RanilW, led by Norway, the LTTE/TTT are trying to get on top of the world stage to direct a Donor Conference. All those Top Dogs of LTTE/TTT who are going to participate in this Donor Conference should be in jail, but not lapping up luxurious facilities and to demand financial aid from the international donors.

Why cannot the LTTE/TTT be forced to declare all their current assets and which are in the process of being collected, to be placed in front of the international donors, as a sign of good faith?

The reason is that, the tens of millions, perhaps over several hundreds of millions of dollars, are being ear marked for expending on Tamil Eelam Defence Policy when, with the backing of RanilW, the LTTE/TTT declares a separate State in the NE of Sri Lanka.

This would be an immense threat of significance to the Indian security as well as to the regional security. Another mini-Afghanistan. Another Milosovic or even another Osama bin Laden in the making. Right on the sea routes encircling the Southern tip of India.

Next step would be the break up of India, starting with Tamil Nadu. The LTTE/TTT teams are already moving around in Indian cities, as we all know. Their advisors are in, from Nepal to Bangalore.

By allowing Sri Lankan government under RanilW to proceed with the donor conference in Oslo, India will grant an acknowledgement to terrorists that India is ready for a break up too.

And by sitting down with Anton Balasingham and those very killers of late Rajiv Gandhi in Oslo, India will remove the first sod of earth in digging their own grave, in public.

We doubt very much that Indians are that much naive to say “Yes” to Minister Milinda Moragoda and/or to Ambassador Jon Westborg, Oslo's envoy to Colombo, and start the break up of regional integrity. Both of these persons should be branded as accessory to murderers and kicked out of India, poste haste.


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