A Show Of Sheer Administrative Bungling Followed By Coverups.

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In the biggest and most comical coverup so far by the UNF Administration The Prime Minister broadcasts his ludicrous statement that Norway has been approached regarding the unloading of LTTE arms shipmentsand his 'able deputy in arms' the Minister of Defence Marapone says that the Navy has been given specific instructions to be on high alert towards LTTE activities although one does not need to be a rocket scientist to infer that their attempts at platitude towards the Sri Lankan Nation in the face of the glaring errors of judgement and conciliation towards the LTTE will not be bought by the Nation any more, based on rhetoric alone. As a matter of fact it's about time they put their monies where their mouths are and delivered greater assurances that the Nation will not be subjected to another 'Holocaust' through their indiscretions!!

Since when did Norway become a Power equipped with controlling LTTE objectives or steering their military machine? in response to the laughable procalamation of the Administration that Norway has been informed of the bad boy LTTE wrongdoings and needs to be checked and perhaps spanked! Sure, Sri Lankans will certainly sleep easy on it and probably wake up one morning where the roof has collapsed over their heads and a "Status Hoodwinkus" has been declared by the Wickremasinge Administration as opposed to the normal 'State of Emergency' which might not be that easy to accomplish either as Mr. Marapone has ordered the Armed Forces to be restrained and directives scrambled beyond 'the eggs on the stove top frypan ' which may be more palatable and the given directives undecipherable which seems to be the case involving the two incidents of arms unloading by the LTTE which have taken centre stage in the latest scenario shocking the Nation.

In both cases, all things considered, there would have been absolutely no reason for the Navy and Air Force to be incapable of intercepting the Sea Tiger Flotillas involved, especially in the first case where it has been calculated by many military analysts based on time and distance relative to location that the tiger flotilla could have easily been intercepted and destroyed although some mysterious factor prevented it and likewise the second unloading done undercover of darkness where there was no attempt to search and destroy considering the vehicles and armaments in the Militay's posession and falls short of sheer incompetence and a neglect of duty as though night operations have now become high risk in the manner of the rural constable apprehensive of conducting any inquiry into crimes after dark.

The Defence Minister is now resorting to verbal assurances of little or no significance that the Forces are on full alert and have been instructed to act swiftly when it is becomming painfully aware that it is a weak attempt at a cover up of what should have been resorted to in the first place in the case of both incidents of weapons unloading, where SEARCH AND DESTROY was never the primary objective and even if it was, the the Military Personnel were handcuffed by their superiors.Truly Administrative bungling !.

In the same token, the shame of what transpired at the Athurugiriya Safehouse can also be linked to Administrative bungling coined with the new 'Ugly Monster' raising its head in the form of animosity and hatred between the Police and the Military (The recent Street Fight In Kandy between these factions take a bow!) where the security of an unsuspecting public is constantly in jeapordy each time the Cops confront the Khakhi Fatigued Booters and a firefight breaks out with automatic weapons.

As time runs out slowly but surely, the early warning signs that the LTTE are planning their dark deeds once more are becoming very apparent and that the ungainly projections towards a visionary lasting peace by the Administration could end up going nowhere a distinct possibility and what could be worse than the naivette being shown by a Greenhorn Administration which believes that the path to securing the Nation lies in collaborating with a band of worthless, proscribed terrorists whose deadly intent is becoming more visible to the seeing eye although the UNF sems to have impaired vision regarding its outcome.


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