Disgruntled Expatriates Should Express Concerns At The Flaws In The MoU Rather Than Criticise Its Opponents Who Have Just Cause.

Gemunu Kumara, Saman Uyana, VijithaPura, Sri Lanka For LankaWeb

Of late, there seem to be very concerned expatriates who fail to realise that the truth sometimes hurts and that facts are stubborn albeit the urgency hovering over the Nationís need to return to normalcy and these very same expatriates have also misconstrued the will of the people as being unconditional in how this normalcy could be arrived at and according to their brand of logic suggest compromise and being subjugated to notorious and heinous terrorists with no pangs of conscience nor human feelings, categorizing it as paranoia.

"Normal means war and bloodshed" it is inferred according to the rationale of these expatriate critics who fail to realise that what most of the critics of the MoU are trying to convey to the Nation and to the World is the significant importance of the other side of the argument against the MoU which indeed could be very detrimental to the well being of the Nation if the fine print was read and the very likelihood of the war and bloodshed being refered to manifesting itself if amendments were not made to the MoU which seems to be all that the critics of the MoU are trying to project in hindsight.

It is all well and good to be concerned and disgusted by the articles appearing in various newsengines against the MoU if the individuals expressing such sentiments based their emotions on simple logic and the rationale that nothing has been said in the MoU which guarantees the safety of the Nation,. Bearing in mind the relative importance of de-commissioning weapons and cadre recruitment, extortion as a means to fund raising and free access into restricted areas, all part of a long list which have no references as itemized priorities and stipulated pre-conditions in the MoU and the continuation of LTTE atrocities which even at present are taking place in an air of emboldened arrogance by the LTTE appear to go unnoticed, so these rather venerable sounding individuals who have had the affront to criticise LankaWeb should really do a bit of soul searching before arriving at conclusions contradictary to the state of well being of Sri Lanka and pontificating about what the prioritised items of importance towards the merits of the Peace Process really are, that is unless these individuals are in reality LTTE supporters embittered by the very legitimate criticism which has at its helm the President of Sri Lanka herself.

ĎA landmark eventí indeed say the disgruntled expatriates who see a glimmer of hope through a crack in the framework of a once rock solid developing Nation brought to its knees through years of atrocities, hatred and carnage and with regret at having to disillusion the empathy of these expatriates, the facts and opinions expressed by the critics who oppose the MoU are not intended towards undermining the importance of Peace but on the contrary are trying to assert whether or not its foundations are real as in the past there have been many pseudo overtures brought about by the LTTE in order to re-group and eventually pulling out of their commitments and there can be absolutely nothing wrong in exercising caution which even the USA has been emphatic about.

Yes indeed they are the true feelings of many Sri Lankans, Religious Heads and a fair sized percentage of the general population who have no intentions of stirring ethno communal feelings as implied, nor gain support for their own agendas but on the contrary are exercising their Democratic Right and their freedom of expression towards caution at preserving a Sovereign Nation and there are no obvious answers other than what may transpire should the LTTE be given unnecessary control and there are also many concerned and disgusted persons within the Nation of Sri Lanka who are well aware of the objectives of those pontificating about the merits of the Peace Process and Ceasefire which many analysts have described as being fatally flawed and needs to be re- worded and re structured to incorporate the real needs of the Sri Lankan People.

NewsGroups such as LankaWeb do indeed exercise a great level of journalistic decorum and responsibility contrary to the opinions of many disgruntled expatriates languishing at a safe distance on foreign shores and expressing personal frustrations and indulging in name calling by virtue of their sheer inability to comprehend the implications and the need for measures of safety and assurances where opinions expressed have emphasized the singlemost importance of the need for caution and advise against blindly entering into transactions with the Devilís Advocate as the suffering implied by these armchair critics could indeed be augmented rather than alleviated through lack of perception and the eventual playing into the hands of a bunch of brazen killers beyond repreive who have proved their ruthless capabilities of wreaking havoc in the past and are more than likely to repeat them given the opportunity.

True to the late Hon. Sir Neville Chamberlainís expression "in War There Are No Victors" merely those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and those remaining with indelible scars and the desperate need for Peace to return to Sri Lanka has no greater need than now but it has to be real and lasting where wisdom needs to be the primary criterion towards establishing it and not through the whimsical rationales of an Administration which has so far only been creatively theatrical in its manouvres which the disgruntled critics seem to approve of in turning a blind eye to the consequences of failure and merely dwelling on a pipe dream envisioned through fantasy and the aspired for Lasting Peace may never arrive on Our Shores unless the warning signs to which the critics of the MoU have pointed are heeded.

Give Peace A Chance is the axiom towards which Sri Lanka must move but never through compromises nor subjugations and not necessarily through armed conflict as some disgruntled critics have inferred and if there is a need to analyse the semantics as well as statistics of the huge losses incurred as a deterent towards the recommencement of hostilities, it would not be the journalists who express opinions that will be responsible but the insincerities of the protagonists of alienation who cannot be identified as patriotic sons and daughters of the land but the many disgruntled supporters of the terrorists who have aided abetted and funded them and are now expressing their disapproval of those inviting attention to them.


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