This Is An Eye Opener For All Disgruntled Expatriates And The UNF, Up In Arms Against Conscientious Objectors To The MoU And Something To Chew On In The Hope That Their Rantings Will Cease.

Gemunu Kumara,Saman Uyana, Vijithapura, Sri Lanka

For LankaWeb The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have said that it would not bow to any threats from any quarter, including the United States. Tough words coming from a proscribed group of terrorists and an assertion of the need to pay close attention to all their forthcoming moves.

Reacting to the US statement that the LTTE would incur the displeasure of the International Community if it continued to violate the spirit of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Sri Lankan Government by indulging in extortion and abduction and much more!, LTTE deputy chief Karikalan has said that the charges were baseless although in reality the recent activities monitored by the International Red Cross, United Nations International Children's Educational Fund( UNICEF)., Amnesty International and many Intelligence Agencies within Sri Lanka together with the Armed Forces have proved the opposite and that the violations stipulated indeed are true and have been proven beyond reasonable doubt as they continue to take place in the open!.

"Nobody can threaten us into submission," he said in an interview in his hideout in rebel-held Batticalao district. This is the arrogance of the LTTE who still maintain a cowardly mentality and speak from hideouts rather than coming out into the open to show faith that their intentions towards the MoU are sincere. According to the assurances of the UNF Government their security has been guarranteed and they have nothing to fear so why remain in hideouts?

Urging India to participate in the Peace Process by hosting the Tigers' forthcoming Peace Talks with the Sri Lankan Government, Karikalan said India's involvement was necessary for the Tamils. "India's proximity makes its participation necessary," he said.The fact of the matter is, India has vetoed these requests continuously as they have outlined the criminal nature of the LTTE as a detrimental factor to the well being of India and that the LTTE is an Organization whose leader is wanted by their Law Enforcement Agencies as well as Interpol for the assassination of a former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Tamil Nadu in particular has voiced their strongest opposition towards participating in the Peace Process.

He has also added insult to injury, in ruling out any apology for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. in saying , quote "Considering the enormity of the damage suffered by the Tamil people at the hands of the Indian Army, I think the loss due to the death of Rajiv Gandhi is less," in his latest statement to the media whereby Karikalan has endorsed the sentiments of many who are apalled at the blatant heartlessness of this statement and its total lack of responsibility which carries the hallmark of the LTTE who claim an unblemished image despite their heinous attrocities commited through decades of carnage and their crimes against humanity which almost destroyed the Development of the Nation and snuffed out countless innocent lives.

" The demand for an Independent Eelam could not be given up before the Government agreed to give the Tamils a political structure equal to it ", he has said and this happens to be the icing on the cake which all 'disgruntled expatriates' should take note of before venturing to maintain an air of righteousness in justifying the blindly entered into MoU between the UNF and the LTTE as this statement says it all. It is an open declaration of their real intent which shrugs the will of the Majority Sinhalese and their right to Sovereign Integrity while compromising National Security.

In case there are further 'disgruntled expatriates' who continue to think that objections to the MoU are based on creating hatred between the communities and for personal satisfactions and self centred motivations, here then is the proof of the pudding and that there are no intended villifications by those opposing the MoU where their objections are completely justifiable in the face of the attempted coercion of LTTE vicissitudes based upon their own indiscretions portrayed through the sentiments of Karikalan and others of his ilk who have spoken out for the LTTE and has all but confirmed and asserted that the Citizens of Sri Lanka have every right to oppose the MoU in its present format, as it is not in their best interests and that of Sri Lanka whose objections happen to be quite conscientious.


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