Ian Botham's Comments On The Sri Lankan Bowlers Rather Apathetic.

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Current British sentiment about the apparent hiding their crickters are being subjected to at the hands of their Sri Lankan counterparts in the First test Match at Lords seems to be turning into dejection and rather apathetic when considering the axiom of cricketing sportsmanship which is supposed to have originated in Britain and if expressed in laymen's terms is simply not cricket.

The illustrious but controversial former England all rounder Ian Botham now turned Skybox Broadcaster seems to be of the opinion that the Sri Lankan bowlers are not in the same league as his beloved English players and berates the English batting on the basis that they are highly rated and displays his bi- partisan mentality once again as a follow up to the last English tour of Sri Lanka when in a similar manner he overstepped the norms of gentlemanly commentating with a tirade of accusations against the Sri lankan Team and was overly critical of the management of the tour and Sri Lankan wickets, which on the part of Botham was a sheer lack of decorum as well as ingratitude towards a magnificiently hosted tour where the level of hospitality, cordiality and the quality of sportsmanship was second to none as always.

What Botham seems to be reluctant to admit is that when it comes to International cricket it is an accepted reality that the Sri Lankan Team currently rated third in the world are superior to the Brits by far and seems to be a rather bitter pill for certain sportscasters such as himself to swallow and there appears to be a degree of animosity displayed by the British sporting media towards the Sri Lankans judging by the reluctance of the British Broadcasting Corporation to report on the current Test Match on their prime time Television Newscast and one need not look too far to ascertain this reality as it has taken decades for the English Cricket Governing Body to grant a three test series for reasons hitherto unknown but assumed as being a preventitive measure to avoid being humbled by its former colony whose explosive brand of cricket has now been recognized around the world, a delight to many and a seeming envy of some who are pitifully critical if Michael Holding and Bishen Bedi were cited as bad examples and the evergreen and evergracious Tony Greig was a standard for gentlemanly impartial sportscasting as a broadcast cricket journalist and by-passes by leagues the poor mentality of his colleagues and a cause for great accolades.

Sadly though, gone are the days of E.W. Swanton, John Arlott, A.G. Johnny Moyes and Brian Johnston to name a few great cricket broadcasters whose impartial non- partisan reporting still lingers respectfully and pleasurably in the minds of those who remember them with gratitude and whose decorum Ian Botham and his disgruntled counterparts probably need to borrow from, before being considered meritworthy. Hopefully Botham's comments do not represent the sentiments of the English cricketers per se as they have played the game with courage and dignity despite their misfortunes in the field as of late and that the Sri Lankan cricketers are beyond a doubt in the same league or better than the Englishmen contrary to Botham's misguided portrayal not forgetting the impact Muttiah Muralitharan's absence has created nevertheless and that it is indeed superior quality, on the spot bowling of Vaas, Soysa, Perera, Fernando and Buddhika befuddling the English batsmen which Botham seems to think is not deserving to be in the same league as the Englishmen, an opinion which needs to be taken with the proverbial pinch of salt!.


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