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“Concerned Expatriate,” you are still searching for wisdom, but looking in all the wrong places!

You missed the bus again! In your recent addition “Heaven or Hell…It Is A Matter Of Perspective…A Response to Prof. McLean’s Comments,” while contending that Prof. McLean’s article titled “Ranil Opens the Gates to Hell” is flawed due to incompatible comparisons, you have succeeded in making some glaring mistakes yourself!

Yes, while Prof. McLean may have compared “apples to oranges,” you succeeded in comparing Apples to Coconuts! I highlight a few of your glaring “boo-boos” (in quotes) as follows:

  • “It is a well-known fact that the LTTE has it its arsenal more suicide bombers than all other terrorist/rebel organizations combined. It is also well known that LTTE is well organized, highly trained, very focused and committed to its cause (justified or not), and armed with modern weaponry. One cannot also ignore LTTE’s impenetrable international network used to procure resources. All these factors make LTTE the most fierce and resourceful terrorist/rebel group in the world.”

This is exactly why we should not negotiate with the LTTE aka the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT)! You are correct in that LTTE/TTT became a formidable enemy – both in terms of military capability and their international-wide terror network. Therefore, this is the very reason why we cannot trust these vermin to honestly abide by any ceasefire – as history has shown. They have always deemed that they are superior to the state authority. Thus, if not for the severe dearth of manpower that they experienced after the Elephant Pass capture and Jaffna capture attempt (where they lost many thousands of cadre), and the wrath on terrorism after 9/11/2001, they would never have agreed to this “ceasefire.” This ceasefire is just to have a respite until things start shape to their advantage once again. So, rather than sit on their laurels and do nothing until then, they decided to go for the foolish Ranil Wickremasinghe legitimized “interim administration.” This way, they could work at strengthening themselves for the next onslaught – and this time they will work at it “legally” thanks to RanilW.

Only a fool would believe the LTTE/TTT! Despite the utterances by LTTE/TTT’s Anton Balasingham (the “Doctor” of mass extermination and ethnic-cleansing programs) at the so called negotiations in Thailand over the past two days (where he claimed that LTTE/TTT do not want a “separate state” but are willing to settle for “greater autonomy”) it is obvious to all rational people that this is a ruse. This is a ruse to first get the “stepping stone” (i.e. the interim administration) and then pave the way for a not too distant forceful secession from the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka. As well, this sudden “change of mind” about the separate state is to take the heat off the Ranil Wickremasinghe regime, to dissipate the heat that has been growing rapidly within the heartland of Sri Lanka against the granting of this LTTE/TTT separate state. LTTE/TTT murder-king has said repeatedly that separate state of TAMIL EELAM IS NOT NEGOTIABLE! However, to Anton B’s credit, he did not fail to pass on the thinly veiled promise that LTTE/TTT will resort to war and that the separate state will be formed eventually. He said "If our demand for regional demand and self-government is rejected and if conditions of oppression continue as a last resort our people have no option other than to fight for political independence or statehood." There you have it! One cannot say that LTTE/TTT did not warn us. Yes, once the “interim administration” has been in place and the LTTE/TTT have had the golden opportunity to import the most deadliest weapons (likely including chemical and biological) and bolster their ranks a hundred times over, there will be a claim of “oppression” and a quick resort to blinding attacks on the SL state. That’s the day that all the do-gooders from the West, specifically the Norwegians, their NGO subversive, will be nowhere to be found! This is not fantasy, but the awaiting disaster for Sri Lanka.

  • “you cannot apply to Sri Lanka the same rules and strategies used by countries like USA, Britain and Spain to deal with their own terrorist problems. The circumstances, core issues and the strengths (of the parties involved) surrounding the Sri Lankan problem are very different, and thus require a unique solution. Clearly, what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.”

A very foolish assertion! USA, Britain, and Spain CAN AFFORD to compromise with terrorists – although they did not – as they have the military might to gas and eradicate the vermin if the vermin break promise and resort to atrocities. Sri Lanka cannot. Sri Lanka cannot afford to let the terrorists become any stronger than they are today as if they do, Sri Lanka will not be able to contain the next onslaught. Sri Lanka should only deal with the terrorists once they have become humans once again – when they have decommissioned their military machine and agreed to peacefully co-exist within the unitary state of Sri Lanka, abiding by accepted democratic principles. The LTTE/TTT will never transform in this manner.

  • “Tamils should be given greater autonomy, within united Sri Lanka, to handle their own affairs. This would be a more realistic solution than a military one.”

This has some wisdom, but the extension of logic misguided! Who is disagreeing with this position? No sane Sri Lankan disagrees with this. The problem is that the current process is not about giving the “Tamils” greater autonomy, but rather giving a separate state to a band of murderers (headed by a sadistic killer of women, children, clergy, and the feeble) who claim to represent the Tamils. I thought the whole world is sophisticated enough now to know the difference between the “Nazis” and the “Germans,” in the context of the WWII

  • “The concept of having different levels of government within a country is not new. Canada, US and many other nations have been using this system of government for a very long time with much success. Provincial Governments handle the day-to-day issues affecting their provinces, while the Federal Government focuses on larger issues affecting the entire nation. The concept is simple and efficient.”

This is the classic example of comparing Apples and Coconuts! True, Canada, the US, Australia, and even India are modeled in this manner, but they have not given the governing of these provinces/states to mass-killers. Incidentally, in Canada, the Quebec separatists resorted to violence in the 1970’s and the Trudeau government of that day – headed by the late highly liberal minded Pierre Trudeau who even allowed political asylum to American draft dodgers at the expense of deep displeasure from the then US administration – summarily enforced the “war-measures” act to deal with the separatist-terrorists and he had them dealt with, in short order. Yes, the Canadian government (specifically, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – RCMP) smashed the FLQ cells and then it sought to negotiate with the PROPER REPRESENTATIVES of the Quebecois, the reasonable minded, decent citizenry of that province, about their future. It must be noted that the violence committed by the FLQ was very limited in scope and compares to a tea party with what the LTTE/TTT have done in Sri Lanka! Anyway, once again, one must bear in mind the sheer military might of the federal authorities of these countries (that Sri Lanka lacks). Therefore, these countries can afford to have provinces/states with secessionist aspirations along ethnic lines and they can also afford to be complacent with any would be separatists/terrorists – although on principle, they have chosen not to!

  • “Everyone should whole-heartedly support the current peace initives between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE. This time RanilW is carrying the torch of peace so, lets make sure that we don’t piss on it and dowse the fire.”

As I have said before, one cannot expect anything better from you Sir, a lackey for the present RaniW headed UNF government.

As for the torch that RanilW is carrying, it is for none other than arson purpose! This madman is about to set fire to his own house! So, indeed, all patriotic minded people let’s make sure we do piss on it (to quote you) - to douse the fire.

Speaking of this nature-call, incidentally, this madman succumbed to it in his own pants long ago – when the LTTE/TTT murder-king gave him the marching orders!

Long Live Sri Lanka



Heaven or Hell….It Is A Matter Of Perspective....A Response to Prof. McLean's Comments.
By A Concerned Expatriate
(LankaWeb - 18/09/02)





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