Re: "A coward fascist voicing for the LTTE"

Dear Editor,

A so-called Serendib News e-mail message has been published in your website under the heading "A coward fascist voicing for the LTTE" and dated 20 February 2002 (Serendib News in Australia has disassociated themselves from this e-mail; I believe it has been manufactured by a certain experienced media fabricator and a torch-bearer, let us assume a Mr 'M'). Because I do not want the recipients of said message and readers of your website to blindly believe the misrepresentations, fabrications and falsifications of my personal history, the history of the JVP, Sri Lanka and Great Britain as made out in it, I would appreciate it if you could make arrangements to publish this short response in your website.

I categorically and unequivocally deny all allegations raised in the hotmail e-mail which has been circulated while I was in Sri Lanka. Anyone could see the themes underpinning its content. I earnestly request the recipients of said message to kindly consider following nine points.

1. Mr 'M' stands unequivocally fr fostering socio-economic and racial inequality and aggravating the conflict in Sri Lanka; By denying equality Mr 'M' exposes himself as a defender of special privileges for one people; It is Mr 'M' and the like who have threatened people not to take part or participate in open discussions and debates, thus exposing who the real fascists are;

2. From the content of the e-mail message it is clear that Mr 'M' either does not know or pretends not to know historical facts about Sri Lanka (both with regard to colonial history or the JVP history);

3. Mr 'M's concoction that I referred to a Tamil nation in one of my speeches to the Rotary Club of Colombo, is a total fabrication because I have never referred to Sinhalese or Tamils of Sri Lanka as nations. They are not (My view since the 70's has been that they are nationalities and I always refer to them as people or peoples as defined in the United Nations Conventions - even in my speeches to the Rotarians);

4. Mr 'M's reference that Mr Wijeweera expelled me from the JVP is entirely false; I resigned from the JVP on my own in February 1984;

5. Mr 'M's reference that since arriving in Australia I have denigrated the image of Sri Lanka is a total falsification and misrepresentation of my contribution to the Australian multicultural society. I have never denigrated the peoples of Sri Lanka; This so-called denigration is nothing but simple distortions by Mr 'M' and the likes;

6. Mr 'M's reference to a campaign to undermine the appointment of Maj-Gen. Perera as High Commissioner is a manufacture of the fabricator. I simply presented the facts of the situation.

7. Mr 'M's reference to the British Constitution can be tested by the following fact: the British Constitution has been amended in the recent past in accommodating the aspirations of the ethnic diversity of the people of the United Kingdom. This is done by decentralisation of power of the British Government; for example establishment of assemblies in the Ireland, Wales and Scotland (Does Mr 'M' at least agree with similar measures of decentralisation in Sri Lanka?);

8. Mr 'M's reference to history of Tamils is an attempt to hide behind history of Sri Lanka. What I have referred to is not a solution to the situation that existed during the pre-colonial or colonial days (as Sinhala and Tamil extremists argue) but to the situation of Sri Lanka today;

9. Mr 'M's defence of the current JVP position is understandable in the light of the following facts: Sinhala Urumaya (SU) received only 35,000 votes at the last general election. This is despite the vast financial, political and moral backing the SU received from Mr M's kind and their organisations. The JVP is increasingly becoming a replacement for the Sinhala Urumaya. The JVP has turned 180 degrees and in turn Mr 'M' and the like have done the same.

I hope these basic points are sufficient for exposing Mr 'M's misrepresentations, fabrications and falsifications.

Thank you for reading my short message.

Lionel Bopage
16 February 2002


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