Terrorists achieve major gains at Thailand Talks.


The chief terrorist negotiator Balasingham's statement at a press conference following the end of the first round of talks in Thailand has been given maximum priority by the gagged press of Sri Lanka with the covert inclination of presenting it as a major change in the objectives of the terrorists. They have completely downplayed precarious decisions that have been taken at this gathering. The Sri Lankan press reportedly threatened personally by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe recently against publication of any news against the so-called peace talks had served him complaisantly while the foreign press had used its journalistic ethics to expose the outcome of the talks and the hollow nature of Balasingham's statement.

Practically there is no new idea or shift in stance in the statement made by this British terrorist. What he said was "If our demand for regional autonomy or self-government is rejected, our people would have no other option and separation would be the last resort. Our demand for a homeland is not a demand for a separate State." This is only a shrewd manipulation with words by a cunning journalist. This is the same thing they said at Thimpu in 1985, in all annual statements of the terrorist leader Prabhakaran, and the explanation given at the Jungle Press Conference in Kilihochchi. The regional autonomy proposal of PA Government's Package Proposal, co-authored by Neelan Thiruchelvam and G.L.Peirisand vehemently opposed by the Sinhala Buddhists, was rejected outright by the terrorists saying even that proposal does not address their aspirations for self-determination.

Dr. H.W.Jayawardene QC, who doesn't have multiple corruption allegations as of G.L.Peiris, in his address to the Thimpu conference, rightly cautioning about the proposal for self government, the 3rd demand at the Thimpu Talks said the right of self-determination implies the right of secession from and out of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. He said International Law recognises that the right of self-determination applies only to colonial peoples striving to win independence from foreign domination and does not apply to sovereign independent States, or to a section of a nation. He pointed out that one group of people living in an independent, sovereign State does not have the right to determine their future political status independently of the rest of the people living in that country.

While Sri Lanka has not gained any concession from the so-called Thai Talks the terrorists on the contrary has achieved major successes in further consolidating their de-facto rule in the Northern and Eastern provinces. These include establishment of a Joint Committee to deal with issues relating to High Security Zones, and establishment of a Joint Task Force for identification, financing and monitoring of reconstruction activities in the north and east. to work together towards the establishment of a provisional administrative structure.

The terrorist leader Prabhakaran in almost all his annual statements emphasised that Jaffna belongs to the Tamils and the Sri Lankan forces in the North and East is an alien force occupying the Tamil Homeland and their task is to liberate this land from the occupation of that alien force. The task of the so-called Joint Committee that will be established is in essence to demilitarize the High Security Zones by settling people in these areas and then with the connivance of the treacherous government to move the forces from these Zones to Colombo as demanded recently by Thamilchelvan.

The other agreement is the establishemnt of a Joint Task Force for Humanitarian and Reconstruction Activities. The government which has betrayed the people in the South and completely neglected providing their day to day requirments, will henceforth exhaustively strive to identify, finance and monitor urgent humanitarian and reconstruction activities in the north and east. Already the government is on a begging spree for getting foreign aid/loans for this so-called North-East development. The terrorists have emphasised several times that all finance for development and re-building work in the North and the East should be channeled though TEDOR (Tamil Eelam Development Organisation - the terrorist outfit in charge of development work). It has been clarified that that the establishment of the Joint Task Force is a sign of the increasing level of trust between the parties, and of their willingness to work together towards the establishment of a provisional administrative structure for the north and east

The outcome of the so-called Thai Talks confirm that the Sri Lankan government which is shamelessly kneeling down before the terrorists, for the last eight months has achieved nothing while the terrorists on the other hand is consolidating and cementing all their gains steadily, firmly, and successfully moving towards their ultimate objective which they failed to achieve through 19 years of bloodshed with the loss of over 17500 fighters, and getting the strength of their forces reduced to a mere paltry 2000, and no recourse for new conscription.





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