By Prof: Hudson McLean

In a closed dogmatic dictatorial Command Structure, (eg: China, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, North Korea etc), the few at the top are expected to and perform the tango in unison. Not so with the LTTE “Top Cats”.

The roly poly VP, who was described by one of the top international journalists as “a leader without a neck” or was it without “a knack”, seems to have suddenly resigned to the prospect of “Leadership From The Rear”.

And the Right Hand of LTTE does not seem to know what the Left Hand is saying.

Whilst the Supreme Leader, who now claims, does not want the political hot seat, and stated the following, “We have been fighting this underground war for the liberation of our people, so we are not that concerned about our personal political life. I am not that concerned about accepting a personal political role in the future," replied Prabhakaran with beguiling sincerity”.

Sour grapes, ole fruit!

Is it because, VP is not without political ambitions, but scared to death of the Indian commandos nabbing him, or does he simply wants to return to barbarism the moment LTTE acquires some political status and stops playing Moses?

At the same historically failed Press Conference, the Doctor “Death” Balasingham stated that, “Our Leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran will be both President and Prime Minister!”

This is a potential future President and Prime Minister “on the run”!

If that is the case, with VP hiding in the Wanni jungles and pulling the strings from behind the jack fruit trees, who is going to be the “singing and dancing puppet”?

Certainly the ailing Doc is not in a physical condition to implement all the functions, both imaginary and real, with his long list of ailments. For his Cardiac problems and Blood Pressure, there are no emergency medical facilities near Wanni. The Kidney Disease which is as a result of his Diabetes, might need constant Dialyses equipment. He has the necessary (Norwegian) medicines in hand and Oxygen mask is at the ready, according to well informed sources. Both UPS and DHL are standing by in Oslo for any emergency deliveries, with the account paid for by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His Diverticular Digestive Disease problem may receive a respite from the full fibre Dosai diet. But in that heat, the man may not survive six months.

The total intellectual sum of the rest of the top LTTE terror brigade is less than the total sum of all the properties of their Supreme Leader. And that does not say much. But that is how a top terrorist guerrilla “command and security structure” is built. The so called “leadership pyramid” shows the tip of the top of it, and there is nothing beneath that. All cadres with a degree of potential leadership quality, with the slightest risk of political ambition, is rewarded with a bullet on the back of his/her neck. By accident, of course.

We have also interviewed some of the top Tamil Diaspora and LTTE financial supporters resident in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy as well as in Norway, immediately after the collapsed Press Conference fiasco, April 10th. This day should be a part of the Sinhala New Year eve celebration and should be declared a National Thanksgiving Day.

The consensus of opinion of the top intellectual Diaspora is that, “It was an anti-climax. A flop. An embarrassment. A disaster”. When one of my colleagues asked from several of the potentially capable Tamil intelligentsia if one of them would consider stepping into the political shoes, if vacated by VP, many of them went pale, or should I say a lighter shade of grey.

Many of them forecast that upon the demise of “The Brains” Balasingham, the Supreme Leader will be “legless and voiceless”. The vacuum will have no willing volunteers from outside the Wanni kingdom. There is no other Tamil expat of any significance willing to or able to fill that vacated space. Fear, is the prime reason. Potential international political humiliation being the other.

And the Foreign Ministry of Norway has given a guarantee of immediate political asylum to VP, his family and a handful of close supporters and of course, all the “moolah” they can transfer into their favourite Norwegian bank accounts.

The secondary reasons are many-; It is of the considered opinion of many, after the Sept 11th, no sane, clever, educated, well healed Tamil from the expat community is brave enough to pack his bags, get the family off a nice cushy life in London, LA, Sydney or Bergen, plod into the wild Tiger Den in Wanni. If and when things failed, (and things will fall flat, after short but a bitter bloody battle) they know that they have reached a destination of “No Return”.

This is why Ranil W. and his team must Jack Up, be Firm and Confident. Otherwise, with the political demise of Ranil W, Ranil just might have to find a quiet place in Australia. And Sri Lanka “comes a full circle” with yet another Bandaranaike at the helm!

Now we come to the “theoretical” hilarity. Read on, the excerpt-;
"The three fundamentals are: a Tamil homeland, Tamil nationality, and the Tamil right to self-determination. If these demands are satisfied ... we will consider giving up the demand for freedom," said Balasingham. Crucially, in a later response, Balasingham went on to give his definition of self-determination. The theoretician's official stance is that self-determination means "The right of our people to determine their own political destiny. [Pause] It can also mean economical and political autonomy"; and it can also involve "cession as a last resort".

“a Tamil homeland, Tamil nationality, and the Tamil right to self-determination” - These fundamentals are all available, this instant. But NOT in Sri Lanka, but just a short walk across the Palk Straits. In Tamil Nadu.

But the LTTE Tamil leaders know that they have neither Place, nor Status in Tamil Nadu. And the Caste structure in Tamil Nadu, if the Supreme Leader ends up in a Tamil Nadu prison, would place him within a very undignified status.

A similar parallel would be that , I as a Brit, I bring my entire tribe to Nuwara Eliya and retain the British nationality and a British right to self-determination”, start waving the Union Jack with my Scottish Tartan Clan colours imposed, outside the Grand Hotel Golf Course, right on Sri Lankan soil.

The sun, the hot Jaffna sun, the giant jungle mosquitoes, leaches, despite a dollop of Dosai and a drop of Arrack or a shell full of Sweet Toddy, can do some nasty things to ones sense of logic. But not to that extent that the entire LTTE leadership get their “Knickers in a painful Twist”.


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