Global SinhalaVillage Applauds and Upholds SPUR's Call To the UNF.

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The International endorsement of concerns about current UNF administrative policy towards de-proscribing and lifting bans on the LTTE has been set in place buy the presentation of SPUR'S submission to the UNF Administrationunder he headline DO NOT REWARD THE LTTE FOR TERROR MURDER AND COERCION which has come at an opportune time.SPUR is an Australian based Sri Lankan Global Community Organization.

In a seeming wilderness of cacophonic meaningless dialogue between pro LTTE sympathisers and the UNF Government, SPUR' s endorsement is a breath of fresh air both logical and sensible in a climate where the Sinhala Nation has been subjected to anxiety and apprehension based on the moves of the indiscriminate posturing of Ranil Wickremasinghe's two faced policies which more often than not favour the LTTE incredulously and appear to leave the Sinhala Nation high and dry often wondering about the outcome of the laxness on the part of the Government where the LTTE on one hand is talking Peace and on the other hand arming themselves and preparing for what appears to be a final attempt to pursue their policies of terror and the unattainable dream of Eelam even making inroads into areas of classified territory and institutions in order to establish a firm foothold and a foundation for their renewed efforts.

SPUR's entreaty "On behalf of all democratic Sri Lankans and others who oppose terrorism and separatism, we urge the Government of Sri Lanka not to deproscribe the LTTE. The ceasefire in Sri Lanka was a direct outcome of the international resolve to fight terrorism. Therefore, the LTTE's demand to de-proscribe before "peace talks" is not acceptable. Are they going to be rewarded for murder, terror and destruction carried out by them before and after the MOU?" is a pure and simple endorsement of the reality which surrounds Ranil Wickremasinghe's hairbrained granting of concessions to the LTTE and MUST BE PAID ATTENTION TO in the name of preserving the Sinhala Nation for its rightful heirs the Sinhalese with all due concessions for the minorities with no prerogatives even in theory for the LTTE!.

It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that LTTE unquestionably has all the reprehensible attributes of a terrorist organization and has committed the many monstrous and horrendous attrocities on record which all but brought to its knees a Democratic Sovereign Nation and may have been wiped outof existence had it not been for the astute military resistance and war measures which prevailed under the likes of the Late Majors Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Ranjan Wijeyratne, Major General Janaka Perera heading a list of all those brave heroic Sinhala Leaders fashioned off the mould of the Invincible Dutu Gemunu whose wisdom and strategy prevailed and sometimes sadly at the cost of their lives.

That the tigers have not changed their stripes nor the leopard its spots is portrayed by their continued reliance on armed violence to achieve their ends subdued presently through deterrents imposed internationally but hinted at constantly by the likes of the verbose Thamilchelvam and their propaganda machine the Tamil Guardian which continue to blare out their viled threats to this effect fearlessly and arrogantly despite the many accords banning them and proscribing them Internationally.Quoting SPUR " The LTTE's recent record and the statements of Prabhakaran at the press conference held in Kilinochchi clearly show that they continue to pursue their intransigent politics of "divisive concept" of Eelam under the guise of "self-determination" and the unsubstantiated "homeland" theory" and more than enough reason to lend a ear to SPUR's advice.

Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that the present tolerance of the LTTE by the Administration is based upon the heavily speculative instincts of its leadership throwing caution to the winds that an eventuality of disatrous proportions would be unlikely where the onus very simply rests on the responsible party for the conciliations to the LTTE as SPUR judiciously describes it saying. "Therefore, the deproscription of the LTTE at this stage is to opt for an unjust peace, which will drag the country to a period of turmoil. The intention to handover the North and the East of Lanka to the deproscribed LTTE is an act of treachery. It is an act of overt assistance to a puppet democracy in these areas, allowing the LTTE to pull the strings as vividly described in the UTHR reports".
SPUR's 'Doomesday Prediction' is frightening! where it is said quote, "If the UNF decides to proceed with the de-proscription to appease the LTTE , the process of creating ' Eelam' will be expedited. With the passage of time the conducive international anti terrorist environment will be neutralized by the LTTE political manoeuvres prompting the 'international community' to intervene and assist 'partition' of Lanka" end quote.
Although this may appear to sound like conjecture the stark reality of it manifesting itself does take on a 'Sword of Damocles' nature and sounds plausible to the discerning mind. The Wickremasinghr Administration has a moral obligation to the Nation to heed it!

SPUR then appeals to the civic leaders, the civic organizations in Sri Lanka to take all possible steps to prevent the LTTE gaining recognition and approval as articulated in Kilinochchi to devise a framework of self-determination, internal or external in an unadultered deidcation towards their patriotic intonations, which MR.RaWik seems to be totally unconcerned about.

Chilling in its conclusion this deposition of morality towards due process which has been the only sensible evaluation of political posturing relative to the future of the Nation in particular its detriment and possible demise at the hands of a proscribed terrorist entity, it is an eye opener to all Sri Lankans who believe in their identity as part of the Sinhala Nation some of whom continue to trust in blind faith the subterfuge of the Current Administration in collaboration with the LTTE.

"We wish to draw the attention of all Sri Lankans to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966) which does not authorize any action which would dismember or impair totally or in part, the territorial integrity or political unity of a sovereign and independent state. It is necessary to take required steps to strengthen the sovereignty in the territory of Sri Lanka rather than empowering territories or regions within Sri Lanka based on ethnicity"
Very appropriately proclaimed by SPUR and may All Sri Lankans join hands towards upholding the ideals of SPUR so pellucidly expressed to a rather presumptious Administration in the expectation that there would be a positive response dedicated towards restoring their beloved Motherland.
Global Sinhala Village Takes Up The Call in endorsement !
Do Not De-Proscribe The LTTE
Do Not Ignore, Abandon and Betray The Aspirations Of Democratic Sri Lankans
And May There Always Be A Serene Sri Lanka For All Her Sons And Daughters, Without Compromise, And One To Be Proud Of!


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