Another Lok Sabha LTTE Sympathiser Expresses Misguided Rhetoric As Cheap Propaganda .

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Akali Dal (Amritsar) President Simranjit Singh Mann in an absolutely display of misguided rhetoric has said at a public gathering , quote " India should lift the ban on the LTTE as had been done recently ? by Sri Lanka, to facilitate the peace process in the Indian-sub continent" unquote, but what information does he have that Sri Lanka has in fact lifted the ban on the LTTE? an issue under hot contestation by the President, Opposition Parties and the High Buddhist Clergy in Sri Lanka. The Ban is still in place and is more than likely to remain as the Sri Lankan Administration has to cough up a two thirds majority in Parliament which they do not have, and aren't likely to in order to even think about its implementation.

This again has to be sheer cheap propaganda tactics by the pro LTTE Akali Dal posturing to distract Tamil Nadu's Jayalalitha Government's all out war against the LTTE and the suspected collaboration between Akali Dal and the LTTE though speculative for sometime now being exposed blatantly and rather visibly leaving Singh Mann's eloquent proclamation and its implications sounding rather ominous. Unfortunately for him as he is a member of the Indian Lok Sabha he may be accountable for his verbal excesses which may end up being an embarrassment to the Vajpaiye Administration internationally.

It seems poor patriotism from an Indian National of high standing (it is assumed!) not to express the more logical demand for apprehension and incarceration of the LTTE and its leadership who perpetrated the most heinous and unforgivable high crime of assassinating a much loved Indian Prime Minister and instead has chosen a line of petty bickering in favour of the ignominious entity responsible for it together with all the other high crimes and misdemeanours of the LTTE affecting the well being of India, Nepal and the entire region today in addition to the wretched destruction they have thus far caused in Sri Lanka.

"Sorry to disillusion you Mr Singh! but it is not a natural corollary that if and when militancy-affected Sri Lanka lifts 'your' speculative and anticipated ban on the LTTE, India too should dispense with all official restrictions on the LTTE! Primarily it is a pipe dream and it is politically and categorically incorrect to make such utterances or expect such conclusions as all you are doing is contributing to the chaos which has already set in as a direct result of the foolishly misguided Sri Lankan Administration's verbal bantering with a rather shylock minded LTTE demanding their pound of flesh! and who are completely unsure whether or not they can substantiate a hypothetical concept which is also an impractical one which has caused great distress within the Nation and is more than likely to leave the present Administration belly up.

Since when was the Akali Dal ever able to resolve India's internal woes? and what right has Singh Mann to even hint at LTTE bans being lifted as they have been set in place by the International Coalition against terrorism comprising of the world's most Powerful Nations unless he has concluded in jest that the posturing of the Wickremasinghe Administration can be taken in 'lighter vein' and being ' tongue in cheek' as Sri Lanka and its perceptive citizens are pretty much aware that any lifting of bans on the LTTE would be equivalent to letting loose a bunch of marauding beasts the organisation fashions itself after and calls itself rather appropriately.






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