Tyrone Fernando In a Blatant Display of Sychophantic Bucket Carrying.

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A New genre of sychophantic bucket carriers for the LTEE seem to have energed in the form of UNP Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando together with the lopsided punditry of Prof.G.L.Peiris the "speculative genius" with no political sense other than his theoretical hypotheses insight into political science acquired during his University Days on what he beleives as visionary inspiration through calculated risk taking at the expense of the vulnerabilities of Sri Lanka and seem to represent a dubious duo indicative of a runaway train hurtling towards what they believe is a securing of World opinion towards posterity and recognition towards their conceptions of "How To" preserve the Nation though unfortunately and probably inadvertently using the "How Not To" symbolism in a blatant display of ignorant and verbose dialogue intended to discredit former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar in the most apathetic display of name calling so far by a member of the present regime which by far supercedes any attempts by any of the incumbent cabinet members to bring to disrepute a revered representative of the previous regime whose credentials Tyrone Fernando could hardly match even in fantasy or even find a rational definition for, in his befuddled mind!.

This is not a time in all wisdom to compare and contrast imaginary goals and ideals which would surely fall short of reality if the objectives behind them are to appease a feared entity for which the previous regime had no fear whatsoever and of which Lakshman Kadirgamar was a key figure totally outspoken in his convictions and a pride to the Nation.

He seems to have forgotten in a short space of time the accolades Mr. Kadirgamar received at the highest level of the United Nations for his impartial recognition of the Needs of Sri Lanka as a whole rather than being a bi- partisan torch bearing visionless blind politician given to leaning towards the side that has secured a temporary respite through inappropriate political practices according to available information which can only be coined with infamy reaching the very helm of his party's leadership (Has Batalanda been forgotten?) and is now trying to justify the ignominious concessions being granted to an equally ignominious LTTE through his proclamations that it was wrong of Mr Kadirgamar to recommend the proscription of the LTTE and making public of it when all the time the primary consensus for proscription of the LTTE Globally was their track record as being a murderous, vicious and ruthless band of terrorists despicable enough to earn the inglorious title of the Most Feared Terrorist Group In The World albeit the dubious nature of the definition and Mr. Kadirgamar's recommendations were acceded to as part of a response to world opinion .

What credentials does Mr.Tyrone Fernando have by comparison with the revered Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar as a Statesman of high respect, intellect, compassion and vision whose individed assertions about Sri Lankan Foreign policy and his rank disrespect towards terrorism sent a stark chilling message to the LTTE during his tenure and made him a prime target for the LTTE although their aspirations towards Mr. Kadirgamar's demise never materialised thanks to astute decision making and Security Directives which in the long run may not be as plausible in assuring Mr. Fernandos's security in turn, should the tide turn against him and his UNP Bandwagon at the end of the extended LTTE ceasefire regardless of the adulation of the LTTE the UNP Government seems to be indulging in through the shallow and transparent policies of LTTE boot licking which the likes of Mr. Tyronne Fernando, Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena and Co. appear to be promulgating with absolutely no fear of reprisals from an anguished populace waiting for deliverance from the very LTTE whose immediate demands seem to supercede and compromise the needs of the Nation.


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