Foreign Minister In A Blatant Display Of Arrogance Towards His Predecessor!.

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In a most unfair criticism of his predecessor, Foreign Minister Tyrone Fernando has thrown caution to the winds and cut loose at one of the most respected officials of the previous regime taking advantage of the Administrative Status of the UNP to denigrate an Internationally Acclaimed Personality whose address to the UNITED NATIONS brought him a standing ovation and instant recognition as a World Statesman of the highest repute and credibility.

It is apathetic and sad to see the likes of Mr. Fernando and others of his ilk (mainly flybynight politicians who were on the UNP Bandwagon at the time they got lucky again!) bring down and taunt Mr. Kadirgamar who certainly deserved better, and remains larger than life in the eyes of countless multitudes of Sri Lankans as an honest, sincere and dedicated Son Of Lanka! This obviously is a typical response from the frustrated UNP Camp who waited in the shadows in the manner of the veritable hyenas now charging in on the kill of the toppled PA which was unable to put them away for good due to their own indiscretions and the guile of enemies within their camp as their concessions towards the UNP went far beyond reality and exposed their Achilles' Heels being capitalised upon presently.

The incarceration of Mr. Kadirgamar by Mr. Tyrone Fernando is a typical example of Sri Lankan Political Ingenuity and Ambiguity for which the UNP are famous, running neck and neck with the disillusioned and disgraced Mr. S.B. Dissanayake running a parallel offensive against Madame President in a futile attempt to topple her from Office in an almost revengeful retaliation for his being publicly admonished by her and tossed out of her cabinet.
Mr. Fernando has had the nerve to challenge Mr. Kadirgamar's well founded skepticism of Norway's Involvement In The Peace Process which was very justifiably proven to be 'a can of worms' through the darker side of Norwegian Representative Erik Solheim being exposed as a ne'er do well with partisan leanings towards the LTTE. His logic that Norways response could be enhanced by unconditional conciliation to them regardless of the glaring empathies they have shown towards the LTTE, and that the LTTE in turn should be wooed unconditionally is sheer 'Gutter Logic' both dangerous and irresponsible with a likelihood of compromising National Integrity to say the least and totally unbecoming of the high office he holds.

The efforts by Mr Kadirgamar to bring World recognition to the real identity of the Tamil Tigers as being the volatile destructive force they are, while initiating the process of desrupting and disabling their Global Finances and fund raising which has resulted in millions of Sri Lankans including many within the Tamil Community breathing a lot easier is being portrayed negatively by Mr. Fernando whose braggart like outburst of not making mistakes of the Previous Regime rings rather hollow when considering the realities of Global Responses to Terrorism.
The almost mocking references to Mr. Kadirgamar being under virtual House Arrest and surrounded by a vast militia for his protection which is the order of the day considering the threat of assassination which surrounds each prominent personality within Sri Lanka is totally lacking in decorum on the part of Mr. Fernando, all things considered as the same threat probably hangs over his head too. To add insult to injury the removal of roadblocks in vital areas of Cities is being thrown around as an issue of detriment to the previous regime when in fact it has been a move which has probably saved Colombo from total destruction considering the infiltrations by the LTTE and the numerous attacks on key targets within the City.If a page was to be taken from The Nation of Israel's Modes of Securing Cities, the roadblocks may in all likelihood have to be be replaced in a hurry, so eat your heart ot Mr. Fernando, look around and wake up to a real world as it may see Tamil Tigers looming over the Horizon!

It has to be totally unfair of the present Foreign Minister to denigrate sound reasoning , rationality and the motions of order and sanity set in place by collective intelligences through his single 'voice in the wilderness' outcries and its proclamation of the futile alternatives to a Peace Process which sounds like a gamble involving a ticking time bomb which Mr. Kadirgamar was well on the way to defusing!


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