How the Sinhalese will swallow the bitter 'Eelam' pill

Lyon Perera

A majority of the population in Sri Lanka are thinking in the following lines;

(i) The war has stopped. Negotiations are being done with the LTTE. At least one thousand lives are saved per month.
(ii) Tamils have to be given some thing (devolution of power). It is the LTTE, which was fighting, and therefore whatever is given to the Tamils has to be given through the LTTE as war will not stop otherwise.
(iii) What else can we do? (Many people ask this, the mother was treated through many doctors and no one could cure her. So what else to do? Even a lethal injection, as long as no further treatment is required) If the war is continued with the same generals who (together with politicos) made money out of war and sent the capable generals home, the crisis will deepen further.

Hardly any one would realise the fact that any further devolution of power or step by step devolution will result in separation (people have been fed with 'devolution through the PA's package', 'maximum devolution of power within a unitary state' concepts)

The only party, which is against further devolution represented in the parliament, is JVP. SU and other small parties have no representation in the parliament . JVP has been accused for murders, extortions etc. by the government, which gives a warning signal to them.

LTTE is continuously postponing the so called 'peace talks'.

Why? They want to make sure that they would be granted an interim administration from the 'talks'.

Through the concessions they have received by the MOU, LTTE is extending their POLICE service, Administrative Service as well as Banking Services to the government controlled areas in the North & East of Sri Lanka.

If LTTE would be granted an interim administration;

* Initially it might pretend that such an administration would be under a unitary state
* However the LTTE will rule the North & East under their own flag (not only their own civil service, POLICE and Banks but military as well)
* Such an administration will continue with out a war and people will get used to it in time
* Unless a miracle happens, Sri Lankan armed forces will have to be moved out of the North & East in time to come

This is how the Sinhalese will swallow the bitter 'Eelam' pill with a sugar coating.


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