19th Ammendment Could Prove Disastrous To The Sinhala Nation

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The 19th Ammendment seeking to curb Presidential Powers must never come to pass as it would surely be the death knell for the Sinhala Nation leaving it with a lame duck Matriarch whose wing clipping could expose all its vulnerabilities without recourse. Anti Presidential propaganda that quote, "all challenges and opposition to the 19th Ammendment are based on a "HIDDEN AGENDA" aimed at scuttling the Peace Process" end quote, must never be accepted as a reality as the Peace Process per se is a total betrayal of the Sinhala Nation and one which endangers its Sovereignity, Security and Territorial Integrity where there are little or no real concessions for the Majority Sinhalese and a stepping stone for the minority backed LTTE's eventual goal of Eelam which the UNF of Ranil Wickremasinghe fails to put into perspective through dim wittedness or a complete lack of patriotism whatever the case may be or perhaps even the protection of his personal interests.

If there are any genuine Patriotic Sinhalese within Parliament who have second thoughts about voting against the President towards a two third majority required to initiate and legalise the 19th Ammendment they should really give it serious thought and desist from an anti Presidential Vote as it would more than likely harm the Nation and lay open its vulnerabilities towards a complete LTTE takeover contrary to the rhetoric emanating from the UNF Camp and that of the LTTE Camp the latter in particular who foresee the fatally flawed Peace Process as LTTE Friendly.

Dissolution of Parliament albeit its negative outlook which the 19th Ammendment is aimed at preventing would probably come as a last resort in the event of an unforseeable turn of events which would force Presidential Authority to take over in the best interests of the Nation and regardless of the uneasy calm prevailing within Sri Lanka at present, there are veiled rumblings from areas such as the voice of the obnoxious Thamilchelvam and even to a degree that of Anton Balasingham if one were to read between the lines! that the LTTE have not fully conceded their objectives nor resigned themselves to the complete authority of the Democratic Sovereign Republic Of Sri Lanka as part of a multicultural mosaic.Instead thery continue to stockpile weapons, increase their attack force and gain inroads into the strategic areas of Sri Lanka's Administrative and Military infrastructure to name a few, which the Visionary Madam President fully perceives as disastrous.

Sad will be the day for the Sinhala Nation if its only remaining Viable Option towards its Unitarity Within a Democratic Framework, the Presidency is curbed and rendered powerless through the imperceptions of a mere handful of Parliamentary Representatives bought over by a power hungry ruling majority towards their own ends and those of the pernicious LTTE! Reprisals for such an event would be disastrous and catastrophic for the Sinhala Nation. Representatives of the People's Alliance in the Legislature should rally round the President rather than betray her as did the turncoats once loyal to her now trying to bring about her demise!

There seems to be an incredulous by-passing of the Constitution which has been questioned by many analysts as such an ammendment appears to be illegal and unconstitutional, a matter petitioned before the Supreme Court and yet to be decided on the insistence of the parties opposed to it and could very well take on a "Damp Squib" appearance eventually and a waste of the taxpayers money should it be discredited and discontinued. There has also been the question of a Referendum towards the will of the people in the matter which appears to have been also conveniently by-passed giving rise to the notion that the UNF have orchestrated the presentation of the 19th Ammendment to be carried with no snags and all the more reason why their ambitions should be confounded and defeated in Parliament with indefeasible support for the President.

United ! We The Sinhala Nation Will Stand And Divided We May Crash And Crumble Into The Dust Of Oblivion!

Something to be emphatically remembered from our Glorious Past.






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