Abject Shamelessnes By The UNF Administration To Give Any Prominence To A Wanted Criminal

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It has been announced that Lankan Television will air a speech on Tuesday by the Internationally wanted murderer and criminal Velupillai Prabhakaran in an un precedented gesture of shame and disgust as far as the Sinhala Community is concerned and is already the topic for great ridicule Globally.

A man sought after by the Indian Authorities, Sri Lankan Law Enforcement Agencies and Interpol being given 'Air Time for a Heroes Day Speech' !!! when there is an outstanding warrant for his arrest and imprisonement! Has the honored Prime Minister and his caucases taken leave of their senses or is this a further provocation that the Nation is being subjected to alongside the tattered Peace Process with no direction towards addressing real issues concerning the Nation?

Whatever the intentions are behind this move, the Administration can rest assured that it will not placate the People Of the Land demanding justice for a ruthless killer and degenerate who directs his cowardly attrocities from the jungles and to the contrary may incense them to the point where they may demand the Wickremasinghe head on a platter and would be in the best interests of the ruling party to have this intended broadcast scrapped.

The ignorance of statements such as "It Will Be A Privilege To Bring The LTTE Viewpoint To Our Viewers" by the director of the broadcasting station which intends to carry the program, manifests the utter disregard for principles involving the pride and dignity of the Sinhala Nation who are almost forcibly being subjected to the humiliation of seeing this wretched individual on prime time TV who is not only being publicized but also being adulated by the Lankan Authorities and should be immediately quashed and disposed of with no repetitions of such stupidity in the future!Who ever is responsible for this idiotic gesture should probably have his head examined!

There are no privileges involving the LTTE as far as the Sinhala Nation is concerened being mere vermin which the Nation is better off being rid of altogether and possibly with the the lunatic leadership of the Administration which thus far has been leading Sri Lanka into an environment of impending disaster in giving far too many concessions to the LTTE who are an entity labelled as being dangerous the world over. This is a clear cut example of the apathetic reasoning of a numbskulled Prime Minister who seems to be callously projecting himself towards his own demise with his hair brained speculative ventures involving the Nation as though his genealogy entitles him to the sheer arrogance of how he positions his authority.

It is about time the buck stopped with the ultimate indigity of this broadcast and regardless of the back patting between the tigers and the tuskless elephants. The Nation must rally round the remaining vestiges of righteousness towards an unseceded environment where future generations of Lankans should be free to live in side by side indeed! but not one involving ridiculous compromise.One which does not grant undeserving concessions to those who have torn it assunder and disrupted the peaceful existences of generations past and plunged its economy into a shambles.

To continue projecting the attributes of this National Broadcast of a Criminal's address to his group of terrorists would be the greatest injustice the Government would have done thus far to the Sinhala Nation and cannot be tolerated or approved with any rationality.It Is Abjectly Shameless!


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