The UNF Blockage Of The Maha Sangha And Its Implications.

Periscope Perera - Global Sinhala Village for LankaWeb

It seems to be about time the SINHALA NATION rose up in unity against the apathetic mores of the decorumless and rather misguided Ranil Wickremasinghe in anticipated preparation of his UNF Government being deposed when the ajudicated time is up as otherwise he is likely to plunge the Nation into further turmoil in collaboration with the LTTE. Undercover counter intelligence and very reliable sources have learned that it is no 'Faux Pas' on the part of Wickremasinghe that he is turning a blind eye to LTTE arms proliferations, their amassing of cadre and tolerating fully all LTTE activities, even their covert infiltrations into previously secured areas which point only to one thing: a fortification of their existing strengths and a covert bonding between the two factions the UNF and The LTTE where eventually they would share the spoils of their victory over the Sinhala Nation in re-defining its boundaries in favour of their own selfish , power hungry motivations and their projected divisions of the Nation to suit their convenience! the LTTE to the North and North East and the Rest of the Nation to the UNF who would then try their extreme best to ammend the Constitution, topple the Presidency and attain an indefatigable stranglehold on the Administration in a permanent capacity and what Ranil Wickremasinghe is probably attempting is a dictatorship involving not one but two megalomaniacs where two winners take all, a dangerous game as it would not only compromise the Nation but it could easily backfire on the UNF as the ominous signs of what the LTTE are preparing for seem indelible and rather obvious.

The recent actions of the desperation of the Wickremasinghe led UNF Government both Nationally and Internationally confirm a show of concern that all is not well with the projections of the MoU in their concerted efforts (Not particulary uplifted br Prabhakarans comical press conference!) to camoulage and suppress all oppostion to it and one which seems high handed and an affront to the Buddhist Clergy that their latest protest march to Temple Trees to hand over their signed protest to the Prime Minister in person has been confronted by the UNP 'goondas' in collaboration with the strong arm of the law, intimidated, forcibly disrupted.The Administration needs to be taken to task over it as there is no democracy nor impartiality in the rather ignorant move on the part of the Prime Minister whose assinine mentality shows him in very poor light by comparison with the dignity of the President whose assertive hand could yet have the final say.

In a sense he seems to have signed his own release ticket from his official duties as the forces in direct opposition to his idealogies and collaborations with the LTTE are beginning to take on tumultuous proportions and gathering momentum throughout the Nation contrary to partisan beleif , in particular that of the Government and Foreign News Media which appear to be carrying on a propaganda campaign in direct contradiction of reality.

The title' Don Juan Dharmapala' Wickremasinghe which has been coined regularly with the Prime Minister seems rather an appropriate one, all things considered but one which by far supercedes and bypasses the enormity of the actions of the original Dharmapala where the eventualities could very well be identical and one of betrayal but its connotation with the present state of affairs in Sri Lanka enormously jeapordising the very existence of the Sinhala Nation with much greater intensity and one which has to be thwarted and disrupted ere the Nation is plunged into darkness once more.

Humiliating and Insulting the Maha Sangha of Sri Lanka surely is the last straw towards trying the patience of all democratically thinking Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lankans and their many supporters from other religious faiths whose patience at this juncture seems to be wearing thin as the adulation of Sri Lanka's Buddhist Credo by the present Administration which plays an all important role towards Sri Lanka's very identity has been bogusly presented in the inception and ignominiously cast aside to suit its convenience in a single sweep of desperation in trying to withold the reality of dissent within the Nation from permeating to all areas and every citizen of the land becomes aware of the heinous motives of the UNF in collaboration with the LTTE which needs to be proved otherwise if they are to continue their bona fides towards the well being of the Sinhala Nation.
This time around the Wickremasinghe Administration is surely playing with fire which will eventually consume it!!


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