North & East to be handed over to LTTE permanently?


The government that lacks democratic principles, absolutely negligent of the people of the South, devoted to appease the terrorists even beyond the horizon have failed upto now to inform the President of the country, the opposition parties or the people of the country what transpired at the Thailand talks for a period of three days between the government delegation and the terrorist hoodlums. The people have the absolute right to know the truth and this necessity becomes more and more demanding due to the questionable nature of the so-called Sri Lankan delegates and the cunning expertise of the terrorist hoodlums.

Even what unofficially transpired at the post-Talks press conference, setting up of a Joint Committee to demilitarize the High Security Zones and settle people in these areas and a Joint Task Force to undertake reconstruction and development work in the North and East are not in the best interest of the nation. In the meantime, the Jaffna Tamil Daily "Uthayan", which is indisputably considered as the official organ of the LTTE, in its editorial on 23rd September has showered adulation and glorification to UNP's American Haamu Milinda Moragoda who was one of Sri Lankan delegates at the talks, and has disclosed a treacherous betrayal of this nation by the government.

The editorial discloses that Mr. Moragoda has stressed the importance and the need to establish the North-East Administrative Council. It says that Mr. Moragoda stated that "It will take a long time to find solutions to the ethnic problem. It may take even years. It is not possible to wait till such time. Before that development works for the people of North and East should be undertaken. It is for this purpose that we propose the establishment of the North East Administrative Council". A notable deviation of the current Moragoda Proposal, from the original Ranil proposal made prior to the 1999 Presidential Election, is lack of reference to the Interim Status and implication of the permanent nature of it. The terrorist organ fails to disclose when and where this statement was made but since the subject matter of the editorial revolves around this statement it is quite clear that this statement could have been made recently either during the Thailand talks itself or sometime after that.

The editorial lauds him as a person who untiringly shuttled between the LTTE, and Norwegians for the success of the current achievements. Commenting on the so-called Administrative Council it says that the same view had been expressed by the LTTE since a long time, and it is appreciable that the Sri Lankan government has accepted this view at this later stage. It further states that handing over of this Council to LTTE's administration would diminish the friction developed between the two communities during the past two decades. This reference shows that there is an agreement between the government and the LTTE on this matter, but the government yet remains silent on this greatest betrayal of the sovereignty of the nation.





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