A Golden Opportunity Presents Itself According To Global Sinhala Village.

Special Overseas Correspondent PERISCOPE Inner Sanctum Of The Global Sinhala Village For LankaWeb

At a recent Forum of the Global Sinhala Village, a gathering of Sri Lankans Domiciled Overseas based in Canada with links around the World there was a theoretician who voiced his opinion about the simplest solution to the ethnic problem between the LTTE and the Sinhala Nation and said " Here now, presenting itself as a golden opportunity on a platter is the chance to corral the leadership of the LTTE together with its theoreticians who will be making a special visit to Sri Lanka under the auspices of the Peace Process, for all their past crimes against humanity as they come out of hiding and asylums overseas respectively"and there seems to be nothing logically out of place in the suggestion which in fact carries a great deal of credibility considering the nature of the crimes they are wanted for , the alternative options ensuing being Setting Up Of A Tribunal or the extradition to stand trial in India.It was also a consensus at this Forum that the LTTE neither represent the Tamil Community as a whole nor have the right to the demands they are making of the Sinhala Nation and the Government which presently represents it.

The LTTE, Supportives, theoreticians and fundraisers together with all its cadre without a doubt are all part of a criminal consortium wanted internationally as well as by the law enforcement agencies of the Nation in the same manner of the Osama Bin Ladens, Slobodan Milosovichs and the many other infamous individuals guilty of ruthless and inhumane crimes against society and if they are gathered together in a location where there is a possibility of apprehending them and if there was an Administration capable of carrying out the operation of taking them into custody, they would emerge as the true redeemers of the Sinhala Nation albeit questioning by many at the Forum if the Wickremasinghe Administration had the wherewithall to carry out such an operation?

There was a degree of dissent to the theory by some who argued that as a result of such a daring move, the Government could lose face and its credibility Internationally and that the planning and eventual execution of such a move will need Presidential agreement which seems accessible considering the disagreements presented by the President towards the MoU between the UNF Government and the LTTE based on the opinion of the President herself who disagrees in principle with the contents which apparently carry too many unconditional concessions which could possibly compromise Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity although the resumption of hostilities was a calculated risk which might be needed to be taken. But then the risk taking has already commenced with the Government agreeing to unconditionally grant the concessions such as freedom of movement in previously restricted areas and the soft pedalling on many security issues previously unheard of and hence the gamble that needs to be taken would compensate for the blatant errors of the concessions already formulated in the MoU. As for the capability of the enforcers and their modus operandi, it is a matter of a highly sensitive nature which by way of it being classified has so far only been theorized with consultations involving former high profile Military Personalities who have consented to their endorsements,The Sinhala Global Village has learned but the probabilities of it being executed are up for grabs as it may eventually involve mercenaries although how they would be compensated for is a nother matter!

Then there were others who argued that International Condemnation of such a move would be highly unlikely as the LTTE are proscribed terrorists wanted for many High Crimes and Misdemeanors, against a Sovereign Nation and that the sources seeking apprehension namely the Armed Forces and International Enforcement Agencies such as Interpol, The FBI and The Indian Goverment were well within their right to do so considering the criminalities involved and if the unsuspecting ringleaders could be surreptitiously nabbed during the event of their planned gathering it would be of a great beneficial nature to the many areas of Government involving many regimes and innocent civilians who suffered decades of attrocities perpetrated by them.

It was tabled as a resolution at the conclusion of this Forum that a Memorandum of Advice in the form of Suggested Recommendations incorporating the theories outlined herein would be forwarded to the President and was agreed upon unanimously.


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