by Prof. Hudson McLean

"USA will not attack us, because we are not Muslims" said LTTE Terrorist Supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Well, ole sport, the fight against terrorism is not directed at any religious denomination or ethnic group. A terrorist is a terrorist.

The fight against terrorism in NE Sri Lanka is not directed at the Tamils. It so happens that all LTTE Terrorists are of Tamil origin.

If now the Muslim leaders sees fit to embrace the LTTE lock stock and barrel, despite the LTTE genocide directed at the Muslims in the NE, the Muslim leaders are simply exercising their democratic options.

But may one ask, when the LTTE kicked the Muslim butt, where did they come running to, and to seek security and solace?

It was the Sinhala Buddhist majority who offered a secure roof over their heads. Do remember that!

When the Tamil citizens were victims of extreme Sinhala racists, who gave shelter and board to the frightened Tamils? The Sinhala majority, both Buddhists and Christian.

I saw for myself, during a short visit to Sri Lanka, several Sinhala families giving protection, food and shelter to Tamil families, thus risking their own safety.

The LTTE Leadership has demonstrated over and over again, that their word or their guarantee is not worth even one Dosai. So if and when, once the dust is settled in Jaffna and the NE, one would not suffer a mild stroke, WHEN one sees that the LTTE has kicked the butt off the Muslims, once again.


There have many instances where the Christian clergy has got involved in the LTTE conflict, just as the Buddhist clergy was and is involved in the Southern political sphere.

The clergy should draw a line where religion ends and politics begin. But in cases where the citizens who belong to one particular denomination is under threat from external forces, I believe that the clergy has a duty to defend the threatened, irrespective of the belief or Faiths.

Although I am not interested in getting entangled into a forum on matters of Faiths, I am disappointed to hear of the negative aspects of the Marga Institute.

I am not familiar with the functions of the Marga Institute but if they are of Catholic oriented, one should consider presenting a petition to His Holiness the Pope, at the Vatican, directly.

Once again, violence is counter productive and the Sinhala nation should demonstrate their civility but acting accordingly.


History has clearly demonstrated that between the Hindus and the Muslims, brotherhood does not exist.

Even after the British demarcated India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan in 1947, despite Mahatma Gandhi's efforts, despite their near common ethnicity, violence between these two denominations, could not and cannot be contained.

India, home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the world, has seen racial and inter-denomination eruptions during the past 55 years, right upto March 2002.

Right now VP needs the Muslim support. His master plan is to get as much real estate under his belt as possible. From Mannar to Hambantota, along the coastal front, meaning Mr. Sajith Premadasa will have to start looking for a safe parliamentary option. The Central Hills with tea estates and of course a large slice of Colombo.

Then are several open questions-;

Will the Muslim men and women join the LTTE terrorist brigade to fight against the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka, and those Sinhala who gave protection to the Muslims in the hour of their need?

After getting back a few hundred thousand displaced Tamils from Tamil Nadu, will there be any time or space for the Muslims, in a Tamil infrastructure?

Muslims, by showing their total ungratefulness, are burning their bridges at the Sinhala end.

As an independent observer, one might forecast that the Muslims are "Chopping their Nose to Spite Their Face", end up without much of a future.

And as my sister Claire asked, "Will the Muslims simply end up as a Lamb Curry, not even listed on the menu in a Dosai cafe?"


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