The High Flown Rhetoric Of Post First Test Analysts And Pro Brit.Talk

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Amidst a plethora of post game analyses of the drawn First Test and the furore of chucking accusations directed at paceman Ruchira Perera, English Skipper Nasser Hussain says that they wer unprepared for the unexpected performance of Sri Lanka in a manner suggesting English superiority when the fact of the matter is they just got lucky not to be thrashed by and innings or at least 10 wickets due to being let off the hook through unimaginative captaincy and the lack of killer instinct by Sri Lanka to drive home the advantage.And then there are also the "Glorious Uncertainties of Cricket!" and the sorry spectacle of goofed up chances where the cardinal rule which is also a cardinal cricketing sin suggests that 'Catches Win Matches" and about six went a begging!

The wonderful batting performances of Marvan Atapattu, Mahela Jayawardena and the evergreen Aravinda de Silva were sadly eclipsed by a strange dropping of the guard by Jayasuriya who decided on a defensive field in the English second innings in bowling to a single slip and a packed outfield where an attacking field was a mere figment of one's imagination wheareas it screamed to be the obvious choice having dismissed the hosts for 275 and thus setting into perspective the semantics of captaincy where one wonders at times whether Arjuna Ranatunga's retirement was premature and the choice of replacement a poor one with due respect to the great congeniality and awesome prowess of Sunny Boy Jayasuriya as a player!

Many areas of the British Press as usual indiscreetly obnoxious as ever maintained the superiority of the Brits and that they were in an elevated league by comparison with Sri Lanka's bowling although the fact of the matter is that they were quite fortunate to face an attack which lacked the wizardry of Muttiah Muralitharan and an off day beset Chaminda Vaas and regardless of British posturing towards their so called superiority they are a dwindling force who just got lucky this time around , a team which even with a well conditioned Darren Gough and an in form Patel would have taken a bashing from a full strength Sri Lankan Side.

Curiously enough the Ruchira Perera controversy has raised many eyebrows in many quarters especially in view of the ICC's mild disposition towards it suggesting a can of worms which it appears to be reluctant to open as the officials include the notoriety of messers Harper and Venkataragavan who are now fading in years and faculties and whose track records have indicated a trigger happy mentality in the past albeit being the second contending force to raise the issue as they were pre-empted by some insignificant officiating cameraman probably leaning towards the English camp who is alleged to have raised the issue no sooner had Perera ignominiously dismissed two batsmen in consecutive balls. When Perera was delivering a barrage of missiles at the English on tour in Sri Lanka with no tally to his name, there were no protests about his action and leaves much to the imagination so woe be unto any false allegations which may not be substantiated by proof as the motivation for the accusations would then become obvious vis a vis Shohaib Akhthar!!.An added foot note towards umpiring which left much to be desired in the First Test is that the preposterous error factor in some of the calls suggested that there was impaired vision as well as a certain hardness of hearing which were rather appaling and needs to be attended to immediately by the ICC where young blood umpiring would definitely make a difference towards improving the quality of the game.

Another lapse by Sri Lanka appears to have been their choice to go with an all out seam attack when there could have been at least one recognized spinner in the side and there were two accomplished spin bowlers who are also very talented and reliable batsmen in Upul Chandana and Thilan Samaraweera whose exclusion may have peen put into perspective had Muralitharan been available as he would have been a certain choice regardless of the type of wicket which was a fairly easy paced Lords in this instance.

Firm lesons for the Lankans as the Second Test draws near as they need to go out and prove to the cricketing world that they are on a relentless march to the top and that there are a few rough edges which need to be smoothened before they reign supreme once more and that they indeed are not a bunch of pushovers they are being currently portrayed as being by both the British Media and their cricketing pundits.


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