Impotent Government imperils the life of soldiers


The sellout MOU has not only made the government incapable of providing safety and security to the citizenry of the North and East regions but has also imperiled the life of our valiant soldiers who made enormous sacrifices to quell the terrorist aggression. Owing to the undisputed authority acquired through the sellout MOU the terrorist are now deploying thuggish and crude methods to castigate and demoralise the forces. The protest demonstration launched against the STF camp at Kurumanveli in the Batticaloa district is the beginning of this new terrorist strategy.

The recently published human rights group UTHR report well documented how the school children were forced to attend in their thousands to swell the participation of the Pongu Tamil events. The same method was used last Wednesday to stage a demonstration against the STF camp at Kurumanveli in order to provoke the soldiers. The duplicity of the terrorists peace slogans is well exposed in their own reports relating to this incident. The which publishes reports in Tamil under the slogan "Tiger's thirst is the Tamil Eelam Homeland' describing the events referred to the STF as SINHALA Task Force, while the TamilNet used the official epithet Special Task Force. This confirms their continuous adherence to the racist theory of non-acceptance of the Sri Lankan forces as the national armed forced but as a Sinhala army.

Shops and offices in the Batticoloa District and coastal areas in the Ampara district were forcibly closed and the citizens were subjected to great hardships on Friday. Main roads were blocked and heaps of tyres were burnt on the roads impeding the flow of traffic. This shut-down was carried out through several proxy entities of the terrorists such as Ceylon Tamil Teachers Union, Eastern University Society and Batticaloa Students Union. A statement made by a spokesman of the Teachers Union that the protest was organised to demand the lifting the ban on the terrorist organisation exposes the terrorist link to these protests and their hidden agenda, although they unsuccessfully tried to present it as a people's agitation.

Under an impotent government that has shamelessly conceded authority to the terrorists in the North and East regions, people will have no one except themselves to salvage them from the tyranny of the despotic megalamaniac and his cohorts. Defeat of tyrants and despots through unity, dedication and determination of the people abounds history of nations, and people's solidarity against treachery of the ruling gang of traitors would certainly prevail.


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