The Buddhist Times, a new English language monthly tabloid newspaper will be launched on this Vesak Day.

Primarily meant to awaken the Buddhists to the seriousness of the plight that awaits the survival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, this newspaper is also intended to fill a big gap in the structure of the country's Mass Media where Buddhist-news stories and Buddhist perspectives on national issues are given step - motherly treatment and consistently side lined as a matter of policy by mainstream newspapers, Radio and Television Channels.

No longer prepared to see Buddhism and its adherents being taken for granted by the powers that be, including the Government and the major political parties, this newspaper is expected to canvas the Buddhist cause before the public, local and foreign. It hopes to keep its readers informed by publishing material relating to the processes, events, incidents, distortions, personalities, challenges and history that impacts on Buddhism and its prevalence in Sri Lanka, as well as in other parts of the Buddhist World.

The release of this Buddhist newspaper particularly at this critical juncture of the country's history, must be welcomed by the Buddhist public as a bold step forward in Buddhist News distribution.

In this context special mention should be made of the project's prime mover Dr. Susantha Goonatilake.

The contributors to this maiden issue include the following:

1) Professor Y. Karunadasa - ' Buddhism and Religious Fundamentalism '
2) Professor Buddhadasa Hewavitharana - ' Pre-planned conversions to Christianity: Why Sri Lanka is a good hunting ground '
3) Professor Asanga Tilakaratne - ' Buddhism Beyond the World of Buddhism '
4) Professor Chandra Wickramagamage - ' Two Schools of the Buddha Image in Sri Lanka '
5) Mr. Gamini Perera - ' Religious Rights and Freedoms: Their Abuse '
6) Mrs. Suwimalee Karunaratne - ' Bhikkhu re-habilitates drug addicts '
7) Mrs. Chitra Wijesekera - ' Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena : The Great Revival of Buddhist Learning '

This paper is priced at Rs. 25 and is available at bookshops and from the office of :

The Buddhist Times,
12, Batadombagahawatte Lane
Sri Lanka.

Telephone: ++ 94 ( 01 ) 851345 Tele / Fax : ++ 94 ( 01 ) 590822

Editor : Mr. B.A. Ariyatilaka email: Tel. ++94(01) 851345

Managing Trustee: Mr. Milinda Morahela email:

Other Trustees:

1) Dr.( Mrs.) Hema Goonatilake
2) Mr. Karu Heenatigala
3) Mr. Kumara Semage
The Buddhist News and Comment ( BNC ) will endeavour to give its fullest support, wherever possible, to this new publishing venture. We hope to carry on -line some of the content of the Buddhist Times, as and when material becomes available to us.


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