Opposition Leader Stresses The Solidarity Behind Madam President Towards Government Attempts To Restrict Her Executive Powers

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Confounding the false propaganda of the G. L. Peiris and Tyrone Fernando band wagon of the UNF some truisms more related to reality have emerged from the PA Opposition through its Leader Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse who has crushingly stated much to the chagrin of the UNF manipulators that a two thirds Majority to amend the Constitution which would grant dangerous concessions to the LTTE through the manipulations of the UNP would never be accomplished, as the PA together with its supportives within Parliament stands firm in their unity towards Presidential Executive Power.This is more aligned with reality as the turncoats who may have jumped fences have all left the PA whose solidarity now seems stronger than ever in rallying behind Madam President to assert her authority! The Nation may have to pay dearly should the powers vested in the President be restricted as the UNF Government seems to have no real interest towards the safety of the Nation despite the horrors it has been subjected to by the LTTE in the past and rather than handling all related matters with a kid glove and with extreme caution are on the contrary throwing all caution o the winds!

Mr Rajapakse has asserted unequivovally that the message being conveyed to the general public that 'there may be' dissentors within the Opposition rank and file in Parliament who may vote in support of the Government towards the 19th Ammendment and the granting of ridiculous interim administrative power to the LTTE are blatant concoctions .He has said that the propaganda is devised to stir up the wrong emotions within the Nation and the plaudits go out to the Leader of the Opposition who has conveyed this information to the news media recently in California, USA, after a ceremony at the Dharmavijaya Buddhist Vihara there. It is hoped sincerely that here at least are assurances to the Sinhala Nation the there are pillars of security and a 'Fire Wall' towards its well being to prevent the unthinkable happening in Presidential Powers being restricted to suit the desires of a motley bunch of power hungry pretenders who have their own interests at heart and not that of the Sinhala Nation.

He has also stressed the focal point of a Referendum within the Nation in the event of an unlikely carrying through of any Constitutional Ammendments with the required majority although the Referendum should have been a consideration prior to the Peace Talks but was shelved by the UNF Government to suit their own convenience and thereby possibly avoiding a spanner in their works in case it turned out to be against their objectives towards handing over of the North and North East to the LTTE over the will of the people who would have most certainly voted against it.

Outlining with clarity the real implications of the demand for an Interim Administration by the insidiously two faced LTTE negotiator Balasingham it was pointed out that the arguments in favour of the Interim Administration as arrogantly stated hinged on the 20 years of fighting for Eelam based on which the LTTE deserved an accession to their demands but there were no core issues involved, no apologies or remorse for the destruction caused within a Sovereign Nation through armed insurrection nor any real intent shown towards a real integration of a harmonious nature with the majority Sinhalese of the land.The core issues would have also entailed the de-commissioning of weapons, denouncement of separatism, recruitment of cadre and the continued infiltration into classified territory both administrative and territorial together with the on going surreptitious fundraising campaigns which they have not desisted from in all reality.

What the Government was experimenting with rather dangerously, the Leader of the Opposition implied was an unconditional granting of localised power within the North and North East of the country which would most certainly provide the much sought after stepping stone for the LTTE to commence their real objectives which the blinkered Ranil Wickremasinghe Government fails to perceive or ignores at the impending cost of innocent Sinhala and other minority lives and assets. He emphasized the lack of any guarrantee towards the safety and the rights of all citizens on which basis the proposed concessions were deemed unacceptable.Neither were the claims that the LTTE were the sole representatives of the Tamil Community in any way related to the truth which is a projected speculation rather than the truth of the matter.There are may dissenting Tamils reluctant to voice their opinions fot obvious reasons that they are totally opposed to the LTTE and Prabhakaran whom many believe is an embarrasment !

Already the motivations of the LTTE are beginning to show in the arrogant manner in which they conduct their affairs within Sovereign Sri Lanka in the North and North East despite being an Internationally banned entity regardless of the foolish de- proscription made by the Wickremasinghe Administration to pay homage and pander to the most nefarious terrorist organization in the world rather than awaiting real assertions towards justifying any de- proscription based on LTTE Sincerity to come clean.

Once again the Opposition has responded admirably through the voice Of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse on behalf of all Opposition Parties confirming the adage "United We Stand. Divided We Fall" and never has the importance of this been more imperative for the Sinhala Nation and the need to rally round the President.






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