Balasingham's Dialogue With Asian Tribune Must Fortify the PA and JVP Led Oppositon To Stand By The President At All Times

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It has been reported in the Asian Tribune on the 23rd September 2002 that LTTE’s chief negotiator Anton Balasingham has told the Tamil channel of a private television Station that, if President Chandrika Kumaratunga and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna spoil the peace process, then they would move to the separate state option. There have been no comments thus far from the Prime Ministers Office in response.

For the sake of whatever Balasingham envisages as integrity and rationality involving the Peace Process ( flawed as it is!! ) and for his own sake, these utterances had better prove to be rumors as his time which is realistically running out on him would only run out faster if there is a semblance of truth that he has had the affront to make such utterances as he not only ridicules himself but the entire integrity of the "Peace Seeking" Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam who seem to be pulling out all stops towards exercising all options, even ones they have no access to except in their minds .

He has gone on to imply that "The Choice Of Ranil Wickremasinghe As A Mediator Was Made Because of Certain Expectations The LTTE Had Of Him" which have not been underlined as premeditated but not that difficult to surmise as expectations which would be to their advantage and it will be interesting to see a viable response from Wickremasinghe to this latest outburst from the now seemingly naive Balasingham who seems to have almost anticipated the failure of the Peace Process and is uttering veiled threats about consequences in frustration.

He is quoted as having said that a vast majority of the people are with Ranil Wickremesinghe which was the main factor that prompted ' them' the LTTE to talk with the Wickremesinghe Government as though the LTTE were doing the Nation a great favour rather than covering their hides from incarceration by the Global Coalition against International Terrorism and the crusade started by US president George W.Bush which sent the shimmies into Prabhakaran, Balasingham and the rest of the apathetic LTTE cronies now cringing in reality though presenting a bold front!running for cover in the fear that the final onslaught against terrorism will be directed at them once the Al Quaeda crusade is over and done with!. So Mr Balasingham had better rephrase his 'bulletin of bilge' issued to the Asian Tribune as big Brother Velupillai just might take offence at the recriminations his verbosity might bring upon the entire LTTE 'image' all things considered!

With a rather forked tongued insincerity the so called LTTE idealogue has said that quote" The change in the Sinhala attitude he attributed to two factors: the realization that Tamils cannot be subdued militarily and the fear that the continuance of the military option would result in the creation of a separate Tamil state" and if this isn't high handed rhetoric with a seemingly idiotic flavour given the attention this entire scenario is attracting on the International Stage then it surely must be a tactic of revese psychology in the anticipation that the Peace Proces just might backfire on them against all odds!

The Sinhala Nation incensed at Balasingham's bleatings has to further put up with this puerile individual's gnat brained philosophy which ridicules the Wickremasinghe Administration in further babbling that, quoting oncemore "the Sinhala people now know Tigers control 70 percent of the territory of the North-East Province; they run an administration and they have a massive conventional army, continuance of the war would help the LTTE to convert that into a separate state for the Tamils.” end quote a point for the Lankan Administration to ponder upon about quite whom is this trash directed at?. And whether ot not it is being interpreted as totally high handed! by UNP Supremo Wickremasinghe?

Well Mr Wickremasinghe what would be your answer to this latest Balasingham news bulletin in defence of your conciliations to the terrorists now, on behalf of your Sinhala Nation and its questioning? and are not the worst fears of the Wise Sages of Lanka about to be proven correct if Balasingham can put his money where his mouth is? Especially when he fearlessly continues to say, quote, “If 'they' spoil the Peace Process it may be better for us. We can go to the next option, the Separate State. No one can deceive Pirabaharan ( generic term Prabhakaran). He is maintaining his armed strength intact.The Sinhala leaders deceived Chelvanayakam and Amirthalingam because; they followed the path of Peace and Satyagraha. Whereas Pirabaharan (Prabhakaran) has his army,” he said. “That’s the main difference,” in an almost intimidatory fashion, and if this is not a direct threat to the Sinhala Nation one wonders what is? A Nation which must never be fooled into thinking that this current peace process is not without compromise which could end its very existence and Balasingham together with Prabhakaran need to be caught by their jugulars and disposed into a pen similar to the one in which the notorious Slobodan Milasovich languishes in the Hague today for his particular crimes against humanity relative to theirs which are far graver than Milasovich's though with the same intensity of liabilities!.

Balasingham has refered to a 'Government of Stability' with which the LTTE need to talk Peace with and has had the nerve to comment on Presidential Wing Clipping and has all but admitted that it is the LTTE who are the driving force behind Wickremasinghe's manouvres in affirming rather speculatively that the UNF will win the power struggle with the PA but he could be sadly mistaken as his blatant exposure of the innermost thinking of LTTE projections through his verbosity suggests that the conspiracy which many have suspected between the LTTE and Ranil Wickremasinghwe really exists. Othervise where would this 'Dutch Courage' mentality of Balasingham come from and is this not a total lack of decorum on the part of the man revealing his yellow underbelly together with the LTTE's real objectives ?

It is a sound enough criterion and reason enough for all the Opposition Parties in Parliament to never permit any Presidential Wing Clipping nor any amendment to the National Constitution which will encourage the idealogies of the Balasinghams and the Prabhakarans to be imposed on the majority Sinhala Nation and a time for the Nation to respond towards asserting its right to exist as a Sovereign Democracy and never be subjugated by a minority regardless of the threats being issued by Balasingham and Prabhakaran and the lopsided reasoning of the UNF Leadership and its nearly blind theoreticians.





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