--------------- 19th April ' 2002

Neranjan Wijeratne Esq,
Hon., Diyawadana Nilame
of Sri Dalada Maligawa,
Dalada Veediya, Kandy


Hon., Sir,


Please be good enough to refer to the letter which appeared in the Island of 9th March ' 2002 by Anoma Peiris, a photocopy of which is attached for your immediate reference. She has hit the Nail on the Head.

You will recall that I wrote you about a year ago on the same subject and you personally called me and assured that all concerned in Thailand, including I believe, the Army Commander is personally known to you and that they have assured you that the Thailand Government will not permit the L.T.T.E to pursue their Terrorist activities from Thailand. I am sure you know now, that this was far from the truth.

However, I was not convinced by your assurances because Terrorism is not a straight forward situation but a very complicated web which has the power and the ability to influence even heads of Governments to further their cause through various direct and indirect ways such as blackmail, investment of their black money in Semi-Governmental and large Public Companies to buy influence etc., The list goes on and I can state many more examples should I meet you but it will not serve any purpose, unless we act against such actions.

We Buddhists are basically very innocent and straight forward people as we believe everyone is as straight forward as you are but the money driven modern world is not so and we as the temporary protectors of this great Religion must be well attuned to the prevailing circumstances and act nothing but in the interests of the Buddhists in our country and Buddhism itself.

Make no mistake, that this Sri Lanka will be the last Buddhist Country and it is our duty to protect it with all our might and if possible spread it to India at least. The way I see it, there is no proper plan or even a vision in this direction as the Sangha too is divided into various Nikayas and various Political Parties not forgetting the one sitting in Parliament breaking all Vinaya Rules governing the Sangha !.

History will give a very unkind verdict on this Bhikku M.P and all the Present Mahanayakes will be held responsible for this totally. Why not and they should be held responsible. They appear to be more interested in making a fuss about an Air Hostess delaying to bring a Cup of Tea on board Sri Lankan Air Lines Flight by writing to the management than writing to the President of the country about L.T.T.E M.O.U Violations and the M.O.U itself.

As the direct lay custodian of the Tooth Relic and indirectly the lay custodian of Buddhism in this country, I am sorry to say that you failed to use your full power to protect the Dalada Maligawa being attacked. History will judge you unkindly. The same applies to the two Mahanayakes in Kandy. I have lost confidence in them.

They are in deep slumber and I wish, that whilst in their deep Slumber that they will at least have a Dream of what is happening to Buddhism and to this country at large and suddenly wake up even in the eleventh hour and give leadership to protect the country, the Sasana and the innocent Sinhalese !.You have told me personally that soon after the attack on the Maligawa, you failed to get additional Security to Maligawa despite writing to the Defense Secretary via the President's Secretary.

This is not a secret now as there were many paper articles just before the last Elections of one person blaming the other for this great omission and it still continues. If this was the case why couldn't you get hold of atleast one hundred influential Buddhists in Kandy and stage at least a day's taken fast in front of the Maligawa demanding our constitutional right ?.

I believe you were too proud to do that, but Hon., Sir, things have changed now. Unless you shout the loudest you will not be heard and you will continued to be ignored and let me tell you one thing, if I was in your position, I would have resorted to anything to fight for the rights of the Buddhists in the country including committing suicide by jumping into the Kandy Lake if everything else failed. The L.T.T.E was proscribed after the Maligawa was attacked and they are to be de-proscribed but I have not heard a murmur from you or the so called Mahanayake Theros in Kandy.

Let me tell you Hon., Sir, that as far as I am concerned they have failed and miserably failed to act in the interests of the Buddhists. They should be removed and lastly you should resign if you all are going to continue in this manner especially now when the country is being divided into four peices and the present Defense Minister is on record that they will lease-out Buses to the L.T.T.E and that they will be given Route-Permits to operate their own Bus Service from Colombo to the Wanni via Jaffna !!. Mind you, this statement is coming if reported correctly from a former Attorney General of Sri Lanka. Did you and the Mahanayakes officially protest to the Government when the Leaders of the Minority Parties ran to the Wanni Jungles and signed separate M.O.U.s with the leader of a Banned Terrorist Organisation ?.

I am writing this letter as a disgusted and depressed Sinhala Buddhist as a last resort and if we honest Sinhala Buddhists do not see any silver lining at the end of the tunnel we might as well leave the country.

When Thondaman demands and gets his peice of the Cake in the Central Province we better bring the Sacred Tooth Relic to a safer place in the South. Hon., Diyawadana Nilame, what has to be done now must be done now.

Otherwise when history is written it will be written by blaming all of us who lived in this very sad and pathetic period of our country's long history.

on and suitable action. May the Triple Gem bless you and guide you to do what is right at the right time.

Yours faithfully,


Milindha Morahela


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