Ranil deputise Prabhakaran in his U.S.visit.


The treacherous Ranil Wickremasinghe who never condemned the atrocities committed by the world's ruthless terrorist organisation LTTE, including their vandalistic desecration of the two holiest places of the Buddhists, brutal killing of Buddhist monks, murder of thousands of innocent Muslims and Sinhelese, destruction of Sri Lanka's most valuable economic assets, has used his visit to the United States to approve LTTE terrorism and drum up support for the terrorist cause. He has blamed the Sinhalese politicians for discriminating the Tamils by taking actions favouring the majority Sinhalese, forcing the emergence of the LTTE.

Delivering a major policy statement to a distinguished audience and media at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars entitled "Trials and challenges in Sri Lanka, terrorism and Peace" he has made a shameless effort to whitewash the terrorists, alienate them from international terrorism, and to present their crimes as part of events of a national liberation struggle.

He condemns terrorism as a global phenomenon that needs total annihilation and an aspect that cannot be condoned, and stupidly contradicts his own statement by his attempts to solicit sympathy for the LTTE terrorists. He says that terrorism in Sri Lanka is an armed struggle and a guerilla war and not a global one. Probably he must have thought that his audience was a set of dumb ignorants like him who were unaware of the international crimes of the LTTE which the United States designated as an International Terrorist Organisation in 1997, and was followed by many countries. It is a known fact that it is involved in drug trafficking, money laundering and many other international crimes including execution of foreign leaders. Murder of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, attempted murder of Bangladesh Prime Minister Shaikha Hassina, attempted overthrow of Nepalese government are, as per the context of Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe's speech, should have to be considered as part of national liberation struggle in Sri Lanka. The LTTE terrorists having vibrant international offices over 40 countries, mostly in the West, and its links with many despised terrorist organisations have been publicised periodically by none other than the U.S.Defence Department.

He has lamented for the damages caused to the people of the North and East by the conflict completely and conveniently forgetting many thousand Sri Lankans outside these two regions who were brutally murdered and maimed by the terrorist gang. It is indeed a tragedy to allow occupy the noble office of the Prime Minister by a person who instead of condemning the colossal destruction of the life and property during the last two decades, condone and justify the acts of the perpetrators of destruction. His visit to U.S. leads us to wonder whether he was deputising the ruthless terrorist leader Prabhakaran!!!


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