Latest Fracas Within Parliament Shameless And Uncalled For And Those Responsible Need To Be Incarcerated.

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Showing a complete lack of decorum required for the occasion the atmosphere within the Sri Lankan Parliament has been reduced to street level where insults and fisticuffs have resulted in a disgraceful melee worthy of street yokels rather than dignified parliamentarians and it is fervently hoped that those responsible for the fracas will be taken to task and reprimanded at least for the sake of upholding the sanctity of the Legislature and the high code of conduct required .

Throwing caution to the winds, certain MP's exchanged blows in Parliament grabbing at the ceremonial mace and throwing foul languaged insults and brickbats at eachother and scuffling while sessions were in progress (one wonders whether the Seargant at Arms was on coffee break! or in dire need of reinforcements to restore order!) and the unruly behaviour of elected representatives can only be deemed as absolutely intolerable and irresponsible regardless of the provocations in the debate preceding, so what has the Sri Lankan Parliment been reduced to by this shameless tirade of uncontrollable emotions which has aroused amazement from the general public and international community as well as contributing to their amusement to the point of laughter! Are these the administrators worthy of running our Nation or is this a dog eat dog situation where survival of the fittest seems to be the theme regardless of the affront it has caused to the hallowed portals of the Legislature?

Mayhem in the House commenced when opposition members displayed a banner naming a certain minister a 'rouge' while demanding an apology to President Chandrika Kumaratunga on allegations made by this particular minister that the President had been carrying a bomb as well as a secret video camera in her handbag a story which not only seems far fetched and preposterous but also displays the petty mentality of certain individuals within the ruling party now concerned about their future as the President has warned of punitive action against these mendacious antagonists of hers all out to concoct fabrications which surely are the furthest from the truth taking into consideration the manner in which she conducts herself with dignity and the grace of a world leader of high repute amongst a pack of jackals and hyenas which the pandemonium within Parliament was tantamount to..

The disorganized state of affairs and mass confusion of the UNF core within Parliamant appears to have had its icing on the cake removed when an attempt was also made after the ensuing fracas to introduce a Bill relating to the Value Added Tax (VAT) replacing the previous tax system without a single of the 15 opposition members being able to participate in making their contributions sending the Bill consequently into limbo which has been to their advantage as they have opposed the bill and stated their case to the general public to defy the imposition of a new tax Bill as an alternative to existing tax laws which a greater percentage of the general public appear to be very concerned about despite explanations by the Finance Minister that it is a better alternative.

In the face of the present situation in the country and under the watchful eye of the LTTE this is hardly the modus operandi the Sri Lankan Parliament needs to resort to in conducting its affairs as it amounts to nothing more than infighting amongst the Sinhalese and a further display of the disunity which they are constantly being accused of by their tormentors comprising chiefly of the Prabhakaran Camp and its about time such disgraceful antics displayed by so called dignified representatives of the people within the highest administrative body of the Nation was brought to a halt where a better sense of judgement needs to prevail! Those responsible for their contemptuous behaviour within Parliament with total disrepect to its dignity and sanctity should be incarcerated within the statutes of Parliament.

Another tactical manouvre to denigrate the President appears to have run aground as the G.L Peiris / Marapona bandwagon searching for a means to secure their future as Parliamentarians continue together with their quest for a viable reason to impeach her as they must be fully aware of the implications of the momentum, opposition parties in support of the President have gained in the course of actions she has available to her and regardless of accountability demanded for the purchase of high security vehicles or accusations of carrying bombs and video equipment in this latest scenario of innuendos being enacted akin to a Tower Hall Comedy of yore! the one certain thing which all Sri Lankans are aware of are the powers vested in the President to assert her authority, and in the wake of petty intimidations it looks more than likely that her authority will prevail, sooner rather than later.


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